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North Korea has succeeded at developing a long-range nuclear missile. The missile has enough range to strike US mainland. Meanwhile, China was showing off their army in a recent parade, signaling to US to keep their bombs off North Korea.

The degenerate communist dictatorship has functioned as China’s buffer state for decades.

North Korea is not the only problem. Iran, the Islamic theocracy, who received uranium for nuclear weapons from president Barrack Obama, is reportedly developing its own ballistic missiles. These missiles could be easily equipped with nuclear warheads. Yes, thanks to Obama, we have another dangerous anti-western country building a nuke arsenal. As if Obama’s arming and training of Islamic terror groups wasn’t enough for a legacy.

I mention Obama, not because the North Korean crisis is his fault, but to illustrate the role that corrupt treasonous presidents have played in messing up the world. Before Obama we had George Bush, who brought us the incredibly expensive occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. Before Bush, we had Bill Clinton, who actually sold nuclear weapons technology to communist China. China then developed their own nuclear arsenal, and possibly shared the technology with North Korea.

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Conservative news site has alleged that China shared missile technology with North Korea, putting us into the dangerous situation we’re at right now. Below is the video.

I am no longer shocked. I am angry. There is pervasive high level corruption in the west, more than we knew of, because of the complicit mainstream media that’s been hiding the reality. But the fault does not lie with the propagandists, when we were too lazy to do our own research. With independent news pushing the veil off our eyes, it’s like the fall of the iron curtain at the end of the cold war. Hidden horrors are being exposed.

The same missiles that threaten US, also threaten South Korea, Japan, and other nations of the region. The situation is tense, as none of the countries in the area share much trust between them. The most influential regional players, US and China, while great trading partners, are politically and culturally incompatible. As an example of the low trust between the countries, in 2014, China exposed multiple high-ranking US spies inside of the communist party, and killed them.

China is North Korea’s vital trading partner, that supplies them energy, food, and other exports. If China wanted to, they could put a stop to North Korea’s posturing by threatening economic sanctions. As a centrally planned economy, North Korea’s economy sucks gayboy balls. They do not enjoy the magic of a free market economy, thus losing one of their only trading partners, the country would collapse very quickly. But China doesn’t want to play this card, because should the North Korean government fall, millions of refugees would flood its borders. Plus, China is an ambitious global empire in the making, with the world’s third most powerful economy, and a growing military. They are indicating intentions for regional expansion with their posturing in South China sea. If the missile crisis bears any angle that serves their expansion agenda, China may use it to advance that agenda.


The complicated political situation with North Korea begun in 1910, when imperial Japan occupied Korea. Japanese occupation lasted until 1945, the year world war two ended. Just two days after US had nuked Hiroshima, when Japan was at its weakest, communist Soviet Union declared war on Japan. Soviet troops quickly pushed Japan from the region. When soviet troops entered the north of Korea, US got scared the communists would take the entire region. A treaty was proposed by US, to divide Korea into two regions. The hastily written treaty was accepted by the soviets. Thus, Korea was divided into communist North Korea, and west-leaning South Korea.

In the year 1950, North Korea attacked South Korea. The Korean war lasted until 1953, and killed on estimate 5 million people, among them 40 000 American troops who had entered the war, to stop the communist expansion. As a result of the war, the situation in Korea survived generally unchanged, with the North, and South, keeping their restless border.

Why does North Korea want nuclear weapons? The country was bombed into oblivion during the Korean war, by United States. Two million North Koreans died to the bombs, the fires, and the smoke. To this day, the state propaganda from the NK government talks about US air bombings, touching the collective wound in the population’s national consciousness. Non-western countries that lack nukes, tend to have their governments violently overthrown, dragged into proxy wars, or bombed to hell. If you were the leader of a morally corrupt communist shit hole, the legitimacy of your tyranny hinging upon lies, you’d want nukes too.

Why did the US military intervene in North Korea? To stop the spread of communism, which left-leaning people to this day, will not recognize as the threat it poses to the free world. They will not recognize that communism has always been an ideology that leads to mass murder, and puts thieves and killers into positions of power. Communists believe in a centrally planned economy, that guarantees “equality”. They believe that everyone that is not a communist, is an enemy of the state, and should be killed. Once “the revolution” begins, the killing never ends.

Since 1962, the NK government has been working to build nuclear weapons, to create a deterrent for US military action. NK has a decently powerful military of over one million troops, that despite its size could never match its technologically superior regional adversaries. If US decided to fuck them up, Kim Jong-un’s Korea would soon be a blazing crater. Issue is, they are effectively holding the population of South Korea hostage. They could rain artillery fire into the south, killing countless thousands.

North Korea is one the cruellest, saddest countries on the planet. The only reason anybody gives a fuck about them is their incessant crying about starting a nuclear war. They’ve been doing this for decades. This time is only different because they are overextending themselves. President Donald Trump is not a communist agent like his predecessors, he won’t stand for fuckshittery.

Trump, since the beginning of his career as president, has been sending a clear, consistent message to hostile foreign powers. The enemies of US can play ball, or get their asses nuked. This year 2017, Trump dropped the mother of all bombs on ISIS hideouts in Afghanistan, coinciding by “pure accident” with a visit from China’s president Xi Jinping. Trump also finally cut CIA funding for Islamic militants in Syria – yes, you read that right. Those murderous terrorist vermin that have been raping and killing people in the Middle-East for years, were funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. The Syrian “civil war” has always been a proxy war between US and Russia. This doesn’t surprise anyone actually aware of CIA’s long track record with forced regime change. Regime change is one of the scenarios that the North Korean leadership fears, by the way, which further explains some of their behavior.

The most important player in the peaceful resolution of this crisis, is China. They’re the only friend that North Korea has. If the Chinese commies weren’t the most vile lying pieces of shit, we could trust them to do the sensible thing, and smack best Korea around the ears like a faggy little crybaby deserves. How China ends up playing its hand, nobody knows yet, and the pragmatic Trump administration is not waiting. The president has said to China: “Help us solve the problem, or we will.”

The North Korean missile crisis can absolutely be resolved peacefully. Personally I expect it to be resolved peacefully. It serves the self-interests of no-one if a nuclear exchange broke out. The only advantage that nuclear weapons provide in a world filled with nuclear weapons, is the deterrent effect: nobody wants to touch a nation with nuclear power. Safety from foreign military intervention, is what North Korea has sought since the Korean war in 1950.

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