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Big Bang Empire is an erotic free-to-play browser game.

This game is a little sick, it’s playing my brain like that teenage bitch with curly blond hair and massive breasts at 13 who destroyed my self-esteem, leading to a decade of soul searching and masturbation and the birth of my hentai biz. There is no sexytime in this game, so don’t be disappointed. Big Bang Empire is a LOOT grind!

This is exactly why I had to quit World of Warcraft. These games are a drug to me. The repetitive grinding obsesses me. Watching progression bars, hearing “ding” sounds when I level up, putting in skill points, it’s fucking blissful and feels so good.

The grind is my life, I am conditioned to love it. It’s what I am, the fucking grinder. Jump in a pit and respawn, woot!!

What I like most about Big Bang Empire is the very western aesthetic; how the environments look, how the characters are caricatures of both beautiful and disgusting people. It feels home, and the coloring especially gets an A+ from me.

Let’s talk about the stat system. Committing to a singular stat, or playing as a well-rounder, each have their benefits. I see many players stack hell lots of finesse (dodge) for example, while others aim for tankier builds (lots of health). How you build your character takes some creativity and actual thought, and it feels personalized. Me, I’m a little autistic and enjoy simplicity, so I stack strength 90% of the time I ding levels, and grab the other stats from gear, usually just a bit of crit and stamina for endurance.

Personally, because I play from morning to night while running my little hentai empire on my laptop, I bought 30€ worth of diamonds and spent them to upgrade my studio in-game money flow to 50%. I never boost mission timers with diamonds. “Energy” which you need to do quests with, can be bought with in-game money. Extra 50 energy the fourth time costs a fuck ton of paper and it was bottle necking me for a while. Now I got 1.2 million stacked, eazy.

The game can be played without the premium currency diamonds, as you do get diamonds from PVP, quests, achievements. But you will have to be very careful how you spend them. You should save some for parties, so you can bribe your way through and get epix. You have to amass hundreds of thousands of fans from porn film shoots if you wanna get into VIP sections for free. This takes a loooong fucking time, so bribery is totally a good idea.

The basic stats are strength, stamina, charm and finesse; translated that means damage, health, crit% and dodge%. You cannot forego any completely, as crit is also crit defense (your enemy has 100 more charm = he may do double damage on your ass 1-2 times the fight), and dodge is also hit chance (enemy has more dodge; he will hit you more often, you will miss him more often).

I’m level 83 now, out of diamonds but decked out to beat all the quests, though some occasionally fail. The gameplay consists of making decisions and waiting on timers, much like Travian. Fights are automated random-number-generator simulations – if you wanna do more active PVP, like World of Warcraft’s 35-button arenas, or run a rated battleground guild, play that instead of this cutesy addicting browser loot grind game.

Below is the gameplay in a nutshell. Isn’t this fun?

The voices and sound effects fit the mood of this world. It’s a world of satirical caricatures. There is no music, only jingles when you gain levels, complete quests, and during other celebratory moments. The background noise I just switched fucking off, because the chaotic city sounds were pissing me off. All in all, I have enjoyed Big Bang Empire for close to 30 days. It’s a good, simple entertainment for workaholics and busy-beavers who still wanna get their RPG fix while building towards their manifest destiny.

Play Big Bang Empire at Nutaku.

Our Rating

Voices and Noise7
Art and style9
Getting an easy RPG fix10

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