Bitcoin to exorcise the satanic Rothschild banking cartel?


Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution – Stefan Molyneux at TNW Conference

Bitcoin can stop the coming global economic collapse. If Bitcoin becomes widely adopted, we can get rid of the corrupt middleman, whose legitimacy expired when they started raping the futures of our children.


The central banking industry is the heart of darkness. The politicians are funding their endless wars with unlimited money from the banks. The money we currently use in our day-to-day lives is called “fiat currency”, which is money that’s backed up by nothing. Our coins and bills have had no intrinsic value, after the abolition of the gold standard. Currently, it is completely lawful to print counterfit cash, at the sole volition of elite banking families. They can create as much money as they want! If you did the same in your garage with a laser printer, you’d be prosecuted, and jailed. Money creation is the greatest fraud in the history of civilization.

It gets worse: Not only can banks create paper money and coins, which they lend to governments on interest. The bankers can create money by simply typing digits on a keyboard! Most money in circulation is digital. This limitless power has been seized by the bankers, who operate as a secretive, criminal, global monopoly owned by one family: the Rothschilds.

There is not enough gold in the world to wage modern day total war. When the first world war erupted in 1914, suddenly every nation was fighting each other. Wars cost incredible amounts of money, which is why many developed nations quickly chose to abolish the gold standard. When currency can be created out of nothing, you never run dry of bullets. Four years later, in 1918, as the first world war ended, this insane monetary policy that enabled years-long full-scale war, remained intact.

The retardedly expensive occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, the US-Russia proxy war in Syria, would never have been possible for the United States military to conduct, without the current corrupt monetary system. War is simply too expensive, the cost is supposed to prohibit governments from engaging in it. The citizens are supposed to protest against these stupid wars. But in the current warfare-welfare state model, we can see how the hustle plays out: the living citizens are not the ones paying for the wars. The immediate self-interest of the citizenry is not threatened when bombs are dropped on towns overseas. And the masses of poor people, who suffer the costs of war-time austerity, are made dependent on the state via welfare. You can’t oppose your government’s war, when your food stamps come from the government.

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Future generations are paying the costs of current wars, which explains why civil opposition against them has been so feeble. If you had to pay for the current active wars from your monthly salary, how long would you sit cozily at home, while letting the politicians conduct lawful mass murder?

The current monetary system blocks the political changes we desperately need. Governments are already so deeply in debt, that international banks can now basically control politics. The escalating income inequality between the rich, and the poor, is a result of the money system: one group (the ultra rich) can create their own assets, and rent them to others, while the other group are slaves to the former.

Wars are enabled by the banks, who fund them. Without the ability to create money, the costs of war would prohibit governments from engaging in it. Banks profit from war, because money is created when they issue debt. All money is created by issuing debt, and collecting interest on debt. Wars incur massive sovereign debt, massive profits for the banks.

We are in a race against time, as the entire world economy threatens to collapse under mounting debt. It’s not capitalism that’s to blame for the miseries on Earth: all misery on Earth, is a business model, of the bankers.flowerknightcutebanner

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