Breaking news: Huniepop developer doesn’t give a fuck


Huniepop 2 has been announced. This much we know: Huniepop dev has crossed the red line. A new character in the upcoming game, is a muslim. A shit storm is pending among the degenerate bloodthirsty leftwing Soros puppet thugs. Expect an antifa protest in your nearby town soon. There’s gonna be blood.

Huniepop was a super popular western dating sim released somewhere in the last three year. I forget and don’t care for details. The developer became like an instant millionaire with his edgelord antics.

Huniepop 2 will have a muslim slut that watches porn, and gives excellent head. Follow Huniepopdev on twitter.

Screenshot (7141)

There she is, all dressed up for big white cock. Wonder if her clit is mutilated? Her art looks so delicious, with those fat arab boobs, and those dreamy eyes, I’d commit white genocide with that bitch anytime. Wonder if they’ll print a dakimakura of her? I’d fuck that.

The Huniepop dev should be careful. Over the years, western muslims have routinely executed cartoonists, film makers, anybody that portrays their religion as a degenerate bronze age death cult of misogyny and hatred, conceived by a pedophile warlord.

We have growing piles of bodies that showcase the fuits of our tolerance for different cultures. They have big boners for war.

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