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How dark can your fantasies get?

Katawa Shoujo ignited in me a thirst for visual novels, so I went and played classics like Clannad and Fate/Stay Night. After that, I found myself wanting even more, so I scoured online forums, looking for something with a decent plot and hard porn. After a few hits and misses, I got my hands on a game called Conquering the Queen.

His name was Vincent Conquer, a lone mercenary with an ambition: use the war between two neighboring kingdoms to become king himself. Fortune is in his favor, as he happens upon a bandit robbery in progress. The victim of the robbery is princess Sana of kingdom Katusha. Leaping to the rescue, he saves the princess and escorts her back to her castle. For this act, Vincent is handsomely rewarded by the buxom regent Sarah. Sensing an incredible opportunity, the mercenary asks to join the Katushian military.


Vincent is the definition of ruthless: He advances his rank in society through acts of opportunistic treachery. He also uses every chance he gets to sate his ever-present lustful desire. It is up to you as the player to decide which of the two kingdoms he saves or destroys, and just how many lovely women he manages to bring into his depraved harem.



There aren’t any mechanics to speak of, as the game is as simple as clicking and scrolling, but the writing is solid. The style is simple, never attempting to force any unnecessary flourishes to the text, which is very indicative of a translated piece. I don’t have the source material to reference, but the story seems to stick to a very basic vernacular English, minus a few outliers (i.e. use of the slang term “skeet” = ejaculate). The story is reasonably linear, with no plot holes or inconsistencies, and is easy to trace out, based on the choices you make throughout the game.



Most of the time the background will be a single drawn tile, with sprites of the talking characters, while the sides of the text box show the actual emotion on the characters’ faces. The sex generally consist of two frames, one showing the act being committed, and another to show the climax. The music is fitting, varying from a soft, jaunty song of the court to a terrifying vibrato made only worse by the imagery adorning the screen. Even though fourteen songs is a high number for an eroge, the songs quickly start sounding repetitive after just a short time of listening.


Sex scenes: 

One word: Cruel. Vincent is a heartless sadist with no qualms about doing everything for power and sex, including drugging, blackmail, torture (although non-violent), and murder. He has magical eyes that can make any woman lose her strength and inhibitions around him. His gaze doesn’t increase his victims´ promiscuity, just makes them powerless, like semi-paralyzed.  The women are beautiful and of different size, shape, color and personality, meaning there´s a plethora of different fetishes and torture scenarios to break these 2D beauties in.

A game for those who enjoy a tale of sexual dominance. Download at Mangagamer.




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