Corruption Of Champions

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Corruption Of Champions, “COC” for short, is a free browser text-based porn role-playing game. It is chock-full of depraved sex scenes. There are no animations, no visuals, just some very, very pornographic text. It was made by Fenoxo, and it´s available from Fireflower Games.

You play as a champion (read: human sacrifice) sent to the demon realm Mareth. You walk through a portal and begin exploring the lands around your camp. You meet demons and animorphs, most of whom want sex and children with you.

I was asked by Doxy to research this game for his own upcoming text-based Patreon game. I delved deep into the sexual quagmire of Mareth, raping and getting raped by everything that moved, including monster tentacles, demons, bee people, minotaurs, etc.

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Death state

The game has no death state. When you lose a battle, your character gets raped by the monster, or horde, you suffer stat penalties (or sometimes get bonuses!) and go back to camp. In fact, you can play the game as a total slut, inviting everyone to fuck you instead of fighting. You can flirt and seduce; Being the village bicycle is a totally valid playstyle!

Character building

The game has very dynamic, very unorthodox character-building mechanics: When you fight and fuck monsters, they drop potions and berries and other consumables. Swallow some Canine Pepper and you get dog ears. Drink another canine pepper, you grow a dog tail, dog dick, grow fur. You can become a succubus, incubus, kangaroo, harpy, spider, ghost, slime, and many other crazy things. You can change your sex however you want, grow extra pairs of tits and testicles. You can, at the same time, be pregnant with demon children and impregnate monsters.

As you advance in levels, you gain “traits”; passives that boost – or penalize! – your character. Here is my perk list at lvl 17:

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The Sex

The range of fetishes is vast in this game. Everything from BDSM to birthing, from cunnilingus to cum eating, COC has it all. The combat is atrociously boring, boiling down to repetitive spam of normal attack, where as the sex scenes suffer from no shortage of page count. This “game” is more about the porn than gameplay. With a premise so maddeningly erotic, you just hop on the ride giving no fucks.

Some enemies are named characters with a personality, and you can interact with them besides the fighting. You can make children with them, or even take them as slaves. From Ceraph the Succubus to Kelt the centaur, the cast of colorful fuckable characters is extensive.

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Inventory system

The game has a rigid inventory system reminiscent of classic Resident Evil games. It´s annoying to micro-manage, and I suspect it´s left in this sorry state to encourage the player to chug down consumables. After all, the randomness and excitement of eating weird things that change your sex, your genitals, your species, is perhaps the best part of COC.

A Flawed Experience

The game has some great ideas. It´s only after tens of hours of playing that its flaws begin surfacing. For example, there’s an exploit at high libido (60+): Your lust stays at 40%, allowing you to masturbate endlessly. Masturbating brings down your sensitivity to seduction. Stack lust resistance to boot, and you negate the entire downward spiral, the experience of becoming “corrupted” by Mareth. Oh, and getting “corrupted” does jack shit. My corruption meter maxed out, for no effect. So much for the drama.

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I played until level 22, day 116. I found seemingly all the areas and raped everyone. The monsters don´t scale with your level. Once you’re strong enough to start farming them, the game is inherently broken, the challenge gone and the mechanics stop serving their functions.

The combat is bare bones. All you need is a lot of strength, then spam normal attack to victory. You max your stats at 100 points. Drink a couple “bro brews” and your strength maxes right away. Do that, and the “game” part of the experience gets mind-numbing.

Final word

Regardless of its flaws, I had fun with COC. It´s a game built around textual porn, and it excels at just that. The action is hot, although the areas and the characters receive scant descriptions. More descriptions and history of the world was something I constantly kept wanting more of, to no avail.

There is so much promise in this game, the lack of any endgame was super disappointing. It was lame that I was able to break the game so quickly, and not even the story went anywhere meaningful. I feel I missed out on content, but really, if I can´t find more areas and dungeons after playing the game for the 116th in-game day, I´m done.

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