Cosplay Fetish Academy


Fetishes: Cosplay, creampie, rimjob, exhibitionism, being filmed, public sex, cousin incest

Style of sex: Consensual, romantic, group sex

Localized by G-Collections

Developed by Sekilala

Sold at JAST USA ($29.99) and JLIST ($29.95)

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For Ryouji and his twin cousins Shana and Yuuki, everything was good and normal, until one day they were struck by lightning.

The trio wakes up, not in Valhalla, but an alternate mortal world. Nothing else has changed, save for the girls casually wearing skimpy dresses. The three all react differently; the shy and reserved Yuuki would rather die than wear something so scandalous, whereas the bold and outgoing Shana is excited. Ryouji, our shining protagonist, also looks forward to this world, but for “different” reasons…


To my disdain, I was forced to learn the ugly truth: Cosplay Fetish Academy is not fap fodder. The game offers some scenes for a sloppy wank, but clearly, it’s not the point. The story instead focuses on the romancing and subsequent relationships Ryouji has with the heroines. The story tackles the topic of sexualisation and its effects on culture. Although the world offers a culture shock at first, Shana, Yuuki, and even Ryouji eventually become accustomed to it. The more time they spend around the enticing outfits, the less they begin to treat them erotic, eventually finding them rather normal.

I decided to enjoy the game for what it is: A slice of life high school comedy with a cast of cute archtypes. It’s a standard premise, yes, but the whole “alternate cosplay world” thing adds a nice spin.



In my playthrough, I ended up going for the shameless and sociable Shana. Her route starts off with standard high school visual novel fluff; going to class, socialising with classmates, all that jazz. Flirt with her and spend time with her enough and Ryouji will eventually be madly in love with her. After some shenanigans, like Shana getting sexually harassed by classmates and Ryouji saving the day, they eventually start dating. Despite being with the girl of his dreams though, Ryouji is not satisfied with the relationship.

Ryouji feels they act too “normal”, and not enough like a couple. If they had started officially dating, why did nothing between them change? Does she not like him as much as her previous boyfriends? Well, it turns out that despite being a model and high school sex symbol, plus very popular with the boys, Shana has never dated anyone before. Yes, bitch is a virgin, whoopty-doo dat fetish pandering.


cosplay fetish academy

The art is simplistic, but I found myself enjoying the style. The character designs fit their respective personalities in a generic way, and there’s no shortage of anime hair. If those are turn-offs for you, too bad! I didn’t find cause for major complaints in the visuals department.

The writing is tight, and like I said before it’s neat to see the characters develop, getting increasingly used to their new world.

The music is just absolutely mediocre. It does its job, but sounds like every other eroge soundtrack I’ve heard. Obviously the music is designed to be just background audio, but it’s always nicer to have an actual memorable soundtrack.

The voice acting is standard, but again, nothing special. It’s there to serve a purpose, which it does a decent job at, but nothing beyond that. It felt like the music and voices were there, because they “had to be”. Personally, I just had all the audio on mute throughout and threw on my own music.


Cosplay Fetish Academy has an original premise, with a lot of amorous humour but not enough to become overbearing. The characters are enjoyable to interact with, and while the art isn’t really anything super spectacular, it grew on me. The music and voice acting is typical. The translation however was spot on, without much of anything in the ways of grammatical or spelling errors. Download at JLIST or JAST USA.

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Our Rating

Voice Acting5.5
Mindless Sexy Sex1.5

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