Crush Crush developer abuses unpaid volunteers?


Here’s a lesson for you, kids. You sell your ass for free, you will get AIDS dick rammed up your pucker. You get a lifetime of medical bills, a sore ass, and nothing to show for the pain. That’s what seems to have happened to the volunteer translators of Sad Panda Studios, who signed up to help translate Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored to non-English languages.

Personally, I like to pay my employees. I don’t make anyone do free work, unless it’s a test of their skills. I even force anyone working for me, to negotiate their pay for gigs, with coaching of how to get bigger salaries. Maybe that’s why I’m such an unsuccessful businessman, because developers like Sad Panda Studios do the opposite, and they clearly got the keys to success. For reference, I have heard from my sources that any developer who gets their browser game up on Nutaku, nets at least 10000+ every day on the opening week. Nutaku in general, with their 20+ million monthly visitor count, makes some fat bank.

This is what I know: Sad Panda Studios announced on their twitter sometime early april 2017, that they are looking for people to translate their game. Of course, I messaged the developer, offering to make a Finnish version of the script, if they paid me. My tweet got a like from the studio.

A few weeks passed, this is what I saw on my twitter feed:

Screenshot (5617)

I messaged the developer. I asked them, did they really not pay anybody for the translation work. My tweet was ignored. Instead, apparently one of the translators saw it and replied  back to me.

Screenshot (5616)

I am still looking for the facts, asking people involved what’s happening. Currently it seems that the company used unpaid volunteers to translate their madly popular money-making game that’s bringing in uncounted thousands of dollars for Nutaku, the development house, and their affiliates. These people helped the developer get the game on non-English languages, opening new markets for the company to make a profit. Considering the success of the game on Nutaku’s platform, we could be talking thousands, if not tens of thousands of extra monthly revenue for Sad Panda Studios.

Because I am a shitty journalist, I don’t have all the facts. I only write occasional desperate clickbait to make a few dollars in ad revenue. There is totally a chance that I’m getting something wrong, because I’m very lazily investigating further, plus I make a good personal dollar from Nutaku. If Nutaku tells me to delete this article, I will do so in a heartbeat, because I like money, and I don’t give a shit about these stupid kids who got shafted.

What I want you to take from this, is the lesson: This is how it works in real life. If you come to work for somebody, and accept terms where you don’t take pay, you won’t get paid. Even outside of the internet, companies like to abuse unpaid internships, shuffling a staff of slave workers who get neither credit nor glory for their contribution to the company’s growth. It’s your fault for not being on your guard. You fuck yourself out of money, you deserve to get fucked. Shitters stay shit and the rich get richer.

You can play Crush Crush in my personal hentai blog. Check it out, and give me your fucking money.


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