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Epic as hell.

Deus Machina Demonbane, (Jap. “Zanmataisei Demonbane”), is the epic eroge by Nitroplus from 2003. Demonbane has one of the longest videogame scripts with a gameplay time of 50-60 hours. Betafag non-hentai versions were made for the PS2, which exploded the franchise’s popularity. The game spawned a sequel, prequel, an anime, a manga series plus a still-ongoing novel series. JAST USA localized the first game in 2011.

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You are Kurou Daijuji, a third rate private investigator that’s suddenly hired by the oligarch family of Arkham City. Ruri Hadou, the head of the family, tasks you with finding the powerful grimoire Al-Azif, the Necronomicon. While hunting down this mythical book, you battle against the evil terrorist Black Lodge organization, while being watched by gods, like a pawn in a game of fate.

The game has 7 different endings, with 3 different girls to pursue. My choice was Leica Crusade, and I only played till one ending, which in itself took me 5 days, 30+ hours, and 11 dramatic story choices.


After searching the city, the grimoire literally falls on you butt-first. Al Azif, the legendary Necronomicon, is one hell of a cutie! However, there´s no time to spare, as the Black Lodge is hot on her heels.

Not only does the sexy plot device fall on you, but then you fall on Demonbane! Yes, this monstrous mecha only needs a grimoire to function, and Al Azif is happy to co-pilot it with you. Together, inside of Deus Machina Demonbane, you beat the living crap out of a giant drill death machine and escape in a blaze of fire.

Demonbane is the property of the Hadou family. Only grudgingly does she accept that you and Al Azif should pilot the mecha, to save Arkham city, as more giant death machines attack the city, like the angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Not ready to accept his fate as a savior, Kurou gets constantly harassed by Al Azif. She wants you to get your shit together and defeat Master Therion, the leader of the Black Lodge. Kurou finds Therion, gets his ass kicked to kingdom come, and finally mans up enough to start searching for Al Azif’s missing pages. In his search, he has to battle Therion’s Anticross, a group of 8 evil dudes with their own Deus Machinas.

Not even his henchmen know it, but Therion´s true intention is to summon the dead god Cthulhu and wreck absolutely everything. Yeah, dude, H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu is in this game, why wouldn´t he be??


The artwork is fucking impressive. Epic fight scenes with gigantic monsters are shown in anime clips that include computer animation. Fight scene artwork has details meticulously looked after, while the backgrounds burst with emotion. There are some really disturbing scenes as well, and the art is entirely uncensored and disgusting. One example is an attempted rape scene, where instead of tentacles, the girl is attacked by bloody zombie intestines of a fresh corpse. Yeah. I have nothing to add to that.


The fight scene music is epic and fast paced – as it should!! Dialog scenes are uplifted by the non-distracting melodies. Disturbing scenes feature, as expected, some creepy-ass tunes. I have to applaud the audio design, because listening closely, the actual audio levels differ between scenes; battles have louder music, while story sequences are quieter. Although the tracks get repetitive after the 20th hour, it turns more into a cue for the scene type. There’s a special track just for scenes where something really important is gonna happen, and by the time the tune plays the third time, you know to pay attention.


The voices are generally great. The problem is the inconsistency. Everyone “talks” throughout all of the first chapter, but then the voices disappear until the end of chapter 2. Sometimes there is no-one talking for chapters in a row. For example, even in really important scenes, the characters are sometimes “silent”, but then a new character is introduced, and they might start talking.

Comedy is thrown everywhere to lighten up super serious scenes, or to snap you out of horror moments. The dialogue is good too, ranging from believable to believable-in-an-anime-setting to holy-shit-did-that-just-happen. When new places are introduced, the vividly detailed writing conjures up some strong emotions.


The sex art is average compared to other art in the game, while the scenes themselves are long. Each hardcore scene has only up to three CGs, but a crap ton of detail and description. If you’re lucky enough to get the voice acting with the sec scene, you’re in luck, if not, then not so much. I got to say that although the presentation of the sex scenes were eeeh, the actual textual part of the porn was faptastic.

I can recommend Demonbane. Everything about it except select sex scenes is hawt. Plenty of choices, plenty of epic shit and horror, powerful music, kickass writing, and enough length to bring bang for the buck.


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Nut busting6
Art & Music8
Voice Acting6

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