Dimlight City Brothel Builder hits Kimochi Redlight


Have a massive hard-on for architectural design and urban structural planning? Yeah, us neither, that’s why we put sexy half naked girls in this game!

Meet a fresh new spin on a classic genre. The name says it all- you don’t build hotels, you don’t build business complexes, you build brothels. Dimlight City: Brothel Builder is a free-to-play building game currently in development for web (via Nutaku.net), Steam, and mobile.
At the moment we are in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign to fund additional content on a newly launched platform created specifically for adult games- Kimochi.
We’re offering backers the chance to be a part of our launch party which will take place at an ACTUAL BROTHEL in Nevada, where they are legal.
Dimlight City will test players’ management mettle as they devise marketing strategies for their brothel, hire new Gals to work in its halls, and strategically dispatch seductive spies out to sabotage the competition!

The game will feature an “all ages” version for Steam and mobile platforms, while the complete hardcore 18+ action will be found hosted on Nutaku.net.
Who are we? TinyHat Studios is a collaboration of mainstream videogame and animation veterans wanting to escape the yoke of big budget hierarchies to do something unique and unheard of- all with the same flair and panache mainstream audiences are used to. We’re a small and agile team of large and hard hitting professionals.
Also joining us is Sexums, a proud figure of the adult gaming scene known for their devilishly witty stat builder games, Soo Cubus and Simply Mindy.

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