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Flower Knight Girl is a casual JRPG. The game is free to play on Nutaku, playable on your PC internet browser. Like most games made by the Japanese mega corporation DMM group, it abides by a cookie-cutter formula that maximizes your addiction, and their revenue.

If you read Neovictrix’s review on Idol Wars, this game is disturbingly similar with some near-identical mechanics, save for a setting where anime girls wage perpetual war against insectoid communism.

hentai eroge flower knight girl flowerknightgirl nutaku

Bullshit aside, let’s talk about the game: The art in Flower Knight Girl, is fucking ripe. The maps and girls are colorful and lively, with just the right amount of detail to keep the primal sections of your brain stimulated. Though highly militarized in their attire, the girls occupy a vast variety of fetish archetypes, for maximum otaku baiting. My waifu is the classy hooker, Queen of The Night, you see her in the picture above! The bug enemies contrast with the girls’ boobacious beauty with their towering, grotesque forms. It almost makes your genitals itch for a new Black Lilith rape hentai OVA.

hentai eroge flower knight girl flowerknightgirl nutaku gacha

The game doesn’t really have a story. The little writing I’ve seen, was fine enough to create context for the game and its mechanics: Girls versus bugs, kill or be killed, epic as shit. The writing suffers from minor grammatical errors here and there, though you mostly encounter any form of writing in the introduction, and the special event quests. This is definitely no War and Peace.

The music contributes to crafting an atmosphere of war hype. It’s like the music is saying, “final hour of humanity! The bugs are burning our bras and raping our men! To glory, girls!” The tracks are great, in that it takes many, many hours before you begin preferring a combination of the mute button and a youtube playlist. I am personally yet to reach this point, which is credit to the game. There are a several musical tracks, but for example the battle music, and menu music, is always the same, and it’s the bulk of what you hear. There is variety in the music department, that fits multiple moods, but no variety beyond shit in the stock.

Talking about voice acting; there is plenty of skillful Japanese voice talent in the game, and the actresses’ performance adds to the kawaii cacophony of satisfying game audio. Each girl is voiced, and none so far have been grating to listen to. The combination of sound effects, flashes and sword strikes and spells landing, girls shouting, in the backdrop of the battle music, is indeed chaotic to listen to, and some players may find that annoying as hell. I grew immune to it after a few days. Also, be prepared to hear your favorite girls repeating their small number of lines over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over… again. The audio gets repetitive, is what I’m saying.


The actual gameplay of Flower Knight Girl, is focused around squad management. How the girls do on the battlefield, what the pace of your progress is, depends on how well you manage your resources. Gold, flower gems, equipment, which characters you feed with stat-boosting cakes/toys/gems/books, are only some of the decisions you are making. How you build your squads, matters. Which girl you give gear and level up, matters. It takes careful assessment of how your flower knight army is faring against the bugs, to make the right decisions. This is also the game’s hook; after every minor tunement, you want to head out on a mission to see the effects of your decisions. There is also a gathering quest you can repeat every two hours; free loot is always gut.

Leveling up your girls does not happen by killing monsters, but via fusing. Fusing is a common mechanic in Nutaku’s waifu pokémon games. Because you are constantly collecting girls, as rewards from completing quests, and from gacha seeds, your inventory gets massively filled with flesh. So you empty your inventory, quite simply, by feeding the weaker girls to your stronger ones. It costs in-game gold to execute.

The enemy design in Flower Knight girl is plain. Most enemies do not have interesting special abilities, despite the art making them easy to distinguish from another. For example, you fight both armored ants and demonic-looking flies, and neither differ in the skills they dish out at you. The enemies seem to be basically just brainless loafs of meat, attacking random girls, including the backrow supporters – remember to equip everyone with defensive items, because you have no tanks with taunt. Similary, even the bosses generally never do anything complex, but rather act as punching bags; the higher level quests you tackle, the bigger the enemies’ stats are. I imagine it was easier for the game’s developers to balance the content, with so few variables. The only difference between enemy attacks is whether their attacks land on one, or two girls, or if they hit the whole party.

hentai eroge flower knight girl flowerknightgirl nutaku menu

Because management of your battle harem comprises the majority of the gameplay experience, you would expect that the interface is easy to navigate. It isn’t. It can easily take hours to learn where everything is. And it takes practice, because some of this shit, is counter-intuitive as hell. For example, equipping items to your girls, is beyond cumbersome. You have to click a specific section in your “units” menu, select the right character, click the item slot in her inventory, search the item, click the item, and finally press the light-blue “select”-button. HEY NUTAKU; DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GODLESS ITEM EQUIPPING CRAP, THANK YOU.

Collecting girls into your personalized battle harem, is the otaku bait these games ruthlessly use against desperate cuck boys on a failed mission for pussy. You get more girls from missions, and by putting gacha seeds collected from missions, in the flowerpot. Gacha is basically anime girl scratching tickets. Normal gacha gives you 2-star and 3-star waifus, and the rare 4-star girl. Each star represents greater power potential; you will notice a heavy difference between 2-star, and 4-star girls, and an insane difference to your usual girls after you see what the 5-6 star girls can do. My Queen of The Night (taking cock in the topmost pic) is a 5-star waifu, and the literal goddess of pest extermination.

When you’ve reached high enough level in power, you can begin farming 5-star girls from special events, to power up your waifu death squads. There’s no paywall stuff in the game, and no pay-to-win – if you buy premium gacha roll from the store, it’s basically a time skip. I’ve played for a few months now, and found the progression curve natural and pleasent. With the autowalk feature, I can be as stressed and half-brained as a normalfag sheep cucked by the capitalist machine. Below are my Flower Knight squads, my player level is 115.


When you max affection on a girl, you get one still-image sex scene, voice-acted, nicely written with lots of “cock” repeated between the moaned lines. You accomplish this by gifting tens of cakes/books/toys/gems in their faces. Affection also increases a girl’s stats by 1%, up to 100%. You access your inventory of gifts through the “office”-pane.

hentai eroge flower knight girl flowerknightgirl nutaku evolution

The girls level up to 60, except 5-6-star girls, whose level can go up to 70 for some unfathomable reason. To keep improving your girls’ powers beyond their maximum level cap, you feed them dragons, to evolve them. Trust me, it will make sense to you. After you’ve fed the girls the dragons, they gain a special ability (ie. an aura that increases 2 party members’ damage by 3%). Then, you can level them up some more, plus you gain a double affection stat bonus. No, don’t be cynical, the dragons are free and acquired from weekly quests.

During missions, you click a button to make all your squads take a step on to the next circle. Most circles are self-explanatory, like the loot chests and coins. There’s many types of circles, but generally only four pose actual game obstacles, that can defeat you: The pest hives, enemy squads, bosses, and the devil’s spinning wheel. Everything else you can consistently beat with a strong force. But the real enemy, the bastard that determines whether after a map you feel victorious or a fucking loser, is the goddamn spinning wheel.

This mechanic, this fucking bullshit spinning thingie… You spend the effort to master the timing, via trial and error. You have to be very specific with how you hit the circle, because 90% of the time, your squad will walk the wrong way. And even after that, you will fuck it up time, after time, after time, until you hate life. This mechanic, is how I imagine it feels to be dying to cancer. Looking at the question mark spinning round and round, like the mortal coil, you feel stabbed with pervasive despair, in the face of life’s ultimate failure state: never getting maximum rewards from running the map.

In addition to loot, you gain experience points from missions. Dinging a level has only one purpose, really; refill your stamina bar, your raid points, and the gathering quest. You don’t want to spend your every flower gem refilling your stamina bar. Gaining levels keeps your momentum going.

Only rarely will you fail a mission in this game, because you always pick as your helper another player’s squad, and you are gonna pick someone who has completely outleveled the content. Failure, therefore, is generally a feeling you experience when your squads fail to pick loot chests, or when some of your squads get killed by enemy squads. There is no death penalty really, just an annoying feeling of time being lost.

hentai eroge flower knight girl flowerknightgirl nutaku

At first I thought it silly, that the developers allowed me to basically cheat victories with the helper-system. Then I realized, what their actual aim is with this feature. The helper-system provides you a pseudo-social experience; if you ever watched gaming streams in TwitchTV, you can see how powerful an effect it has, providing people an experience of placebo social connection. It increases spending behavior, it does so in TwitchTV, and even lacking Nutaku’s sales data, I suspect it does so in Flower Knight Girl. Moreover, your helpers act as a reference point, to how strong or weak your girls are in comparison. You see squads of insane 5-6 star girls, drawn from premium gacha, ripping shit to pieces with ease. The helper system purposely tickles people’s competitive spirit, while ruthlessly advertising premium girls, ultimately encouraging spending behavior of players. This feature is a pure marketing trick.

The girls are divided by damage types. Each bug, including bosses, have a type they’re weak against. Generally speaking, yellow is for archers, red for warriors, purple for mages, blue for monks. The division doesn’t really hold true, as even soldiers can have AOE ranged attacks, mages can wield guns, and so on. My advice from hundreds of hours of playing; build your squads to include girls of at least 3 damage types, and mix in 1-2 girls whose special ability deals damage to more than one enemy. You can be fighting up to 3 enemies at once, thus AOE (area of effect) damage, is a requirement to beat these bug squads.

There’s more. To really make the game addicting, the devs added random bonus levels full of loot and gold. These bonus levels pop up completely by random after beating a level. Sometimes, you get a random boss battle. These “raid bosses”, are super powerful bug monsters that do not fuck around. The bosses are so madly buff, your squads may only get 2 rounds of damage in before dying miserably. You spend “raid points”, to increase the damage your girls deal. Three raid points, you deal 5x normal damage, making the fight a burst battle. Raid points, like stamina, regenerate. The raid points regenerate at the rate of 1 per 30 minutes. I have no complaints about this system, because you generally have enough points to kill bosses and reap the loot. But I do have criticisms over the monetization of the system; spending a flower gem (1€) to refill raid points, just to beat one boss, is expensive. You often need to kill more than one boss to gain enough equipment gacha seeds, to be able to roll the gacha. Considering you can spend a flower gem to refill your stamina instead, which nets you tons of money and EXP. Refilling raid points is simply inferior value.

hentai eroge flower knight girl flowerknightgirl nutaku

Tips for play: Start multiple flower knight squads. I took a long time to realize I can have more than one. It’s important, because each step, you gain gold and gacha seeds. If you only have one team, you miss out on loot and map objectives. Second tip: the gold cost of upgrading the levels on your girls goes up, the higher level they are. To save gold, time your leveling carefully, with the right stuff to feed your girls, to get the maximum number of levels for the lowest gold count. Memorize this tip, go back and re-read it. It will make sense to you very soon as you play.

The business model of this free to play game is built around, as expected, the gacha mechanic. Flower gems can be used to expand your inventory, refill your stamina bar, refill raid points. You acquire flower gems by completing missions expertly, achievements, as login bonuses, and more. One flower gem costs 100 nutaku gold = 1€, meaning that 10 premium gacha draws, is ~50 euros. If you buy the 50€ bulk, you get 14 extra gems. That’s as much money as the cost of a big AAA release. If you are absolutely certain that premium gacha waifus are your thing, then just DO IT!!!

Flower Knight Girl is a clean, really well executed title. Its art assets are high quality, and the gameplay is, believe it or not, a lot of fun. It’s a casual game, but gets quickly more challenging in mere three days of intense playing. It is made to be addicting, and it’s very repetitive. The variety in maps is minimal. Enemy varierty is small, and uneventful. Special ability design (for both your girls and enemies) is plain boring. If you like repetition and grindy games, if you are conditioned to masochistically enjoy a good soulless grind, this game delivers your fix.

If this review got you interested, which I hope it did, sign up for the game for free by punching my face.



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