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Are you a sad lonely cunt jacking off into tissues on this Valentine’s day? Are you broke and hate life, you listen to Linkin Park while dreaming of suicide bombings? Don’t go beyond the mortal coil for pussy; you got Sakura Valentine’s Day!
This here is another sucky free Sakura game you shouldn’t waste time on. I already posted the CGs in my blog, you can fap to them there. Stop reading this post and visit the blog now.

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Fuck you. You can download Sakura Valentine’s day from I played through the game, knowing fully well what I was in for: a silent, pointless adventure without voice acting, disjointed ecchi CGs, concluded with vanilla sex scenes and an abrupt ending. This game is a waste of your life.

The story is about… Haru. You are a faceless beta male dick with zero personality, and with the power of the wish-fullfillment trope, your cock face somehow managed to woo two holes to plow on your Valentine’s day. These girls are called Sameface One and Sameface Two, I didn’t really pay attention. Lame music played in the background, I skipped the two hours worth of dialog in 10 minutes and literally fucking nothing happened.
The story started in a hotel, we went to a bridge, then a candy shop, and after two creampies the game was done.

Winged Cloud is one of the most successful companies in the western hentai industry, and they stay afloat by pushing out some ten generic Sakura titles a year on minimum effort, cross-selling on Steam and Nutaku and other sites, pandering to a wide audience with a lame taste in porn. The one thing they got going for them, is the art for the waifus, which is ALWAYS ultimate cookie-cutter sameface bullshit.
Fuck this game. Fuck this company. Fuck these shitters to hell. Download Sakura Valentine’s day for free at

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