In A Free Market, Suicidal Emofaggotry Is No Obstacle To Success

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It’s perfectly normal to have problems with mental health – everybody I know that’s successful in the hentai industry, has something they’re coping with. It only becomes an issue when you’re not able to work, because you’re a self-hating suicidal genderfluid biporal gay trap bitch boy that goes into an occasional psychotic rampage. Companies don’t like that.

When you are a damaged faggot, that no company wants to hire, your options are limited. This is a good thing. When your options are success, or dying to hunger, you have a higher chance of becoming successful.

What pisses me off about faggots of my age, is that you are indocrinated by the oligarchy that owns your media and your schools. These institutions push communism and white guilt on you, as their tools of eliminating competitors that would be abundant in an economy that’s more free. The establishment programs your mind into a maze of mental illness, with so many triggers that the slightest poke at your established beliefs makes you lose your shit. That’s why you’re sad, because depression is your religion.

My 20 years of anxiety, and 15 years of depression vanished two months after my business started kicking off. It was mindblowing, as all my life I had believed the mainstream media’s lies, that my condition is a chronic illness.

Public school really fucked me. I was a bottom feeder of the social order, in a state-funded softcore version of a concentration camp. On retrospect, while I learned a great deal, the system was inherently inhuman. Forcing kids to wake up at 6-7am is a human rights violation. How the school deals with bullying cases, is ineffectual on purpose – the entire point of school is to traumatize you for life. Fact that our schools had mold, which made me, and many other kids develop asthma, I’ve never been financially compensated for. Having your worth judged in test scores, on subjects you suck at, is demoralizing. Homework was the final kick in the groin, to make you feel like you’re never doing enough.

My current career is everything I hoped for in my shitty childhood.¬†Every project I tackle, is pleasurable in itself. If somebody had told me that becoming an entrepreneur was even an option, I would have started in my early 20s. But no, the entire system, my parents included, pushed me through a soulless pipeline, to be a corporate drone, or public sector laborer. I’ve had to fight state indoctrination every step of the way.

Everything they teach you at school, is propaganda. Everything you read in the news, is a lie. Everything your parents tell you, is regurgitated control via social conditioning. Everything you learn at the church, is dogma-based social control. Nobody will tell you, that you’re a slave in a socialist system, that serves the rich, and only the rich.

They tell you it’s capitalism that’s oppressing you. NO. Your oppressors are the unholy elite alliance of politicians, bankers, and corporations making secret deals to kill small businesses. These are criminal sociopathic satanists and pedophiles, that feed off of taxation and regulations, like vampires.

When you vote for socialist politicians, to fix issues in the labor market, you are supporting an empowered state. When you vote increases to the minimum wage, you are eliminating small businesses that cannot pay that much, that would compete with the larger corporations. When you vote for more anti-discrimination laws, that impose penalties on companies that fire black employees, you are increasing the financial risks for companies that hire black employees – many companies will opt out of that risk, and never hire blacks. And when you vote for “free services”, which are paid for by taxes imposed on the economic engine of every nation, aka. the middle-class, your votes are building the statist empire of darkness.

The welfare state system was invented by the national socialists – western democracies have adopted nazism.

Free market capitalism is based on freedom, it’s sole purpose is to enable individuals to seize their futures, to financially incentivize creative people to fix issues in their communities. It’s not a system of oppression by any logic, when you can choose your industry, choose your customers, your working hours, what risks you’re taking, etc. I do whatever the fuck I want, I run multiple hentai content websites, I hire new freelancers every month. When I feel like it, I give everyone a raise, to increase content output. Even when being an entrepeneur is back-breaking soul-crushing 247 labor, I own the pain, and the rewards. When I can afford a lawyer, he’s gonna help me with legal arrangements, that will empower me to never pay no taxes to fund welfare for illegal immigrants, poised to vote communist parties. Fuck that shit.

Fuck school. Self-learn a craft that makes fucking money. Get paid for your years of learning, by real customers. Reconsider your suicide after you’ve tasted real fucking freedom.

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