Harem Heroes update brings a new land

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Harem Heroes update hit us today, while I was browsing twitter for the latest political debate. All I read was another round of the dead-horse meme #HillarysHealth, when Nutaku suddenly tweeted about a long-waited(?) update for Harem Heroes. Does anybody care, was not the question in my mind, when I decided to check back on this free to play hentai browser game of epic proportions and anime meme mastery.


If you’ve never played this cancerous game before, it’s basically a retarded visual novel full of fucking, forced into Nutaku’s cookie-cutter free to play formula. The content is gated via the tired-and-true stamina system; you have a meter that measures your stamina points, you spend these points while accessing content, you run out of points, and either pay the fuck up, or wait for the points to recover like a broke-ass plebeian. You also run PVP RNG simulations in the game, which many of the gameplay mechanics from leveling up to gearing your girls are built to support. In the actual PVP portion of the game, you basically toss a coin and win or lose.

Additionally, in the case of Harem Heroes, not only is the content gated with stamina, but scenes can also cost the in-game currency. Personally I have been spending thousands upon thousands of monopoly money to upgrade my stats, so I’m dry as fuck. This is where I’m stuck at:


I reviewed this game earlier, check it out in the archive if you give a shit. It’s an okay porn game.

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