How to completely and utterly obliterate school bullying forever


Bullying is a crime against humanity. Few talk about the widescale human suffering caused by bullies. Every smart kid that suffers below-the-belt insults, is having their futures chipped away at. Every shove and punch, strikes deeper and deeper into the bone, the more times it happens. Ruined careers, criminality, psychological problems, addictions, and suicides are only some of the problems that bullying causes to societies. We are not treating this issue with the seriousness it should be addressed with.

As a victim of childhood bullying myself, I will attest to the annihilation of future prospects that can occur to victims. Before the age of 27, I had never worked a real job, never had a girlfriend, I was a total wreck. It takes years of hardcore work to rebuild yourself from the ruins of a failed life.

You’d think that kids taking jabs at each other in school is no big deal, but people don’t get it. Longitudinal abuse has a cascading negative effect in the lives of victims. Victims learn to be insecure about themselves, they develop social problems, severe trust issues, actual panic attacks, general anxiety in public places, and more. The damage caused can manifest in physical symptoms (stomach cramps, sleeping issues), which add up to the natural discomforts of life. Making friends, or sex partners, becomes infininitely more difficult when your emotions are damaged. School is already an alien, stressful environment, that keeps kids under constant performance pressure. Stress is a known factor in making psychological problems manifest. Stress keeps your subconscious mind on high alert, which makes your emotional state more susceptible to disruption. Stress helps emotional problems become chronic parts of one’s personality. It’s very difficult to do jobs, when the stress brings back flashbacks of humiliating memories. Personally, I have broken to uncontrollable tears in my adult years, when I’ve done certain jobs, just because of memories.

Getting into a fight once, can leave some scars, but the human body is built to sustain occasional damage. Tissue heals, arteries repair, bones grow back, often stronger than before. But bullying is not blunt force trauma. Prolonged exposure to attack on your person, is the issue. It’s like being tied to a chair, with liquid acid dripping on your skin. Nasty off-side comments peel off the skin, it leaves throbbing scars. The damage is more profound, as victims are taught by the bullies to look at themselves from the upside down value systems of their abusers. They teach you to hate yourself.

Bullies dig your grave halfway, then hand you the shovel.


Victims of bullying have one wish: revenge. But the laws of society denies the victims of this pleasure, that would let them gain vindication. We are okay with giving kids antipsychotic pills, but not with punishing the bullies for their crimes. Why is bullying not criminalized in the penal code? Victims have a right to level the scales, to hurt the bullies back as much as they’ve been hurt. We have courts force abusive spouses to pay reparations for their victims – why can’t we do the same to assholes? If a kid punches another kid, it should cost them. There should be the threat of real-life consequences to their futures. Why don’t we have this? Why are we so goddamn fully accepting of children committing crimes against each other?

And to parents: Why are you not encouraging your children to fight back? Why are you not putting your kids into actual self-defense courses? Why don’t you drag them to karate, and tell them that the world is a fucked up place, where evil people win all the time, where innocents get pushed around, and the only way to ensure justice wins, is to master the art of kicking the shit out of fuckers?

What the hell is the nansy pansy shite advice “just ignore them”, “violence doesn’t solve anything” that you brainwash your little shitters with? Violence solves a lot of fucking problems. The reason we have peace on the streets is because of state monopoly on violence. We have the police, that depending on country can be armed with lethal firepower. We have the military with tanks and artillery, that if faggots started some shit, we’d be listing the body count in the morning. We haven’t had a proper land war since nuclear warheads were invented, because nobody has the balls to start shit no more. If we were serious about eliminating bullying from schools, we’d be arming the nerdy kids with glocks.

Here is a notion to populist politicians around the world: Create the legal groundwork for confirmed victims of bullying to be given an official license to kill. Put a shooting range inside of schools, in the basement, below the class rooms. Run shooting practice courses around the clock from morning to night. Let there be not one hour that the ratchet of live gunfire isn’t echoing in the ears of kids. Watch what happens to class rooms, when the fear of violent, imminent death is perpetually present. Build the schools next to graveyards, place human skulls in the walls of corridors. Keep reminding the fuckers that if anybody steps out of line, there is an established system of violence ready-set to end lives instantly.

Nuclear war ensured relative peace on Earth. Isn’t it time we stopped with the betafaggotry, and applied successful models to bring peace back into the school system?

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