Idol Wars Online: Train and Produce Anime Idols

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Idol Wars Online throws players into a world of pop idols and divas vying to become the top production studio.

Idol Wars wastes no time in introducing you to your assistant Miwako. The woman is eager to get you right into the job without any explanations. How and why you’ve been chosen as the producer of this studio isn’t gone into detail, so we just have to assume you were selected by God. The only thing you’re told is that you need to seek out new talent and train idols to compete in Dream Fest. Dream Fest is where you’ll compete against other studios for loot and infamy.

Idol Wars Online

Before you read further, let’s clarify: this game has a NSFW and SFW versions. The porn version is named Idol Wars Z, and the non-smut version is Idol Wars Online. I played both to confirm they are indeed the same game, save for the porn scenes missing in Online.

After a brief tutorial you’re given some starter idols and thrown to the menu.  As straightforward as the game seems in the beginning, there’s actually a lot of information to digest. Be it Questing, Live Battles, or Productions there’s at least a few pages on each subject in Idol Wars’s help files, and a number of options have a brief tutorial tied to it. Regardless of what you choose to mess with, the important thing is hunting for new idols and growing your harem.

Idol Wars Online

You hunt idols via questing and scouting. At this time there are six different stages available, each with a specific idol and theme. Each stage is broken down into nine levels, with the boss idol of that stage encountered every third level. While advancing in these levels you deplete Quest points, which regenerate over time. Your quest points completely refill when you level up. You can also spend Dol (the in-game currency) or Nutaku Gold on items that restore your quest points by 30%, halfway, or the full amount. This is called a “stamina system”, which presumably makes enough money from impatient players to get implemented into virtually all of Nutaku’s free to play games. Stamina is free up to level 50 though, after which progress slows down considerably. It gets annoying real fast when you’re trying to hunt for specific objectives.

Idol Wars Online

As you advance through stages you encounter Rivals. Your team of idols will attempt to outshine the opposition on stage, their success measured by the filling “appeal gauge”. In the event that you don’t fill the appeal gauge after three turns, you have the option to spend scout points for another attempt. You also have the ability to send out a help request to other players, to beat the Rival for you. Anyone that participates in a help request receives a reward. What’s great is this works if you want to help someone out as well, since people often send out requests. It makes the game a little bit more social than Nutaku’s other offerings.

Successfully defeating a Rival gives participants a gacha ticket. Defeating a Rival also increases their level, which causes any future encounter to increase in difficulty. Occasionally you’ll come across Awoken versions of Rivals. These are rarer and stronger forms which can give and receive a lot more damage. Their appearance is the awoken form of that idol and rewards you with a rare gacha ticket once defeated. You’ll eventually get to the point where it’s easier to just ask for help than try to beat Rivals yourself. Players will often down a Rival in a matter of seconds, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Idol Wars Online

You earn basic idol cards as you quest through stages. Unfortunately the idol cards earned through this method are all N-rank idols. In other words, they’re the bottom of the food chain, good only for fusing. By fusing girls with your chosen waifus, they get experience points (provided you have any). You can level up the trash idols in your team until you “awaken” them into an R-rank idol, or replace them with stronger girls. This fusion mechanic is present in almost all of Nutaku’s free to play browser games. Another way of getting idols is by using those gacha tickets you earn. If you don’t know what gacha is, it’s basically gambling to get random anime girls. You spend tickets to spin the wheel of fortune, so to speak.

Regular gacha tickets can get you girls ranked N or SR. You can also get C and B class “coaches”, which are fused with girls to give them experience. The rare gacha tickets from Awoken Rivals offer the same rewards, but with a way better chance at getting higher ranked idols.

Idol Wars Online

Friend Points are another option available to earn idols, though nine times out of ten all you’ll get is shit. FP is earned through questing, or by sending other players Likes or Greetings. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the amount of Friend Points you can stockpile, which is fine since you’ll spend it all and only get like one SR-rank idol. Don’t bet on ever getting an SSR idol from the FP gacha, but in the event you do, consider yourself a lucky little bitch. A second type of gacha ticket exists for the Special gacha rolls, and is more often earned through things like the daily login reward. The idols earned through this ticket can go all the way up to SSR. But even the best gacha tickets are drawn from a pool with trash idols; there are no guaranteed idol drops without special tickets.

The gacha tickets are integral to the free to play business model of Idol Wars. You can buy Rare and Panel gacha tickets from the game’s store. The panel gacha is a ten draw premium gacha draw that gives out that month’s special idols, combined with random rewards such as an SR or Higher Guaranteed ticket. I’ve spent $10 USD hoping to get good idols so far, and a production member’s already spend $40 USD. Despite the bad odds we both plan to spend more as new idols come out. You would too if you were looking to build a harem of maids or swimmers.

The Rare gacha consists of your single and ten draw gacha, with a guaranteed SR every six draws. There are also limited time gacha offers. As of time of writing, the game’s store page is offering a “Special Package deal”: Only available for a limited time, you can obtain this package up to three times a day. It consists of a guaranteed idol of the month in addition to gacha tickets and quest & scout recovery items.

Idol Wars Online

To become the best producer in Idol Wars you need to train your stars. The strength of your idols determine your Performance, which is the damage you’ll deal in fighting Rivals, Live Battles, and Dream Fest. The rarer the idol, and the higher the level, the more they can contribute to your overall Performance. Training idols involve sacrificing the fodder of your collection or using whatever coaches you have on hand, to boost their levels as high as possible.

As your idols level up they’ll have their stats increase. However, any skill that the idol has will remain unchanged. In order to level an idol’s skill you have to use a skill book or feed them an idol who has the same skill. For example, an idol with a Front skill won’t gain a skill level from an idol with the Support skill.

Breaking an idol’s limit is a way of improving an idol’s stats beyond the normal amount. By fusing duplicate idols you’ll not only increase their respective skills but also fill an affection heart. Once an idol’s affection is at max and they’re at the maximum level, you’ll be able to awaken the idol. Awakening an idol will increase its rank to the next tier (an R+++ idol will become an SR) as well as give them an entirely new appearance, similar to awoken Rivals.

I’ve honestly found myself wishing I could just buy awakening materials. The fact you have to quest with limited stamina and deal with random wheel spins just to get one item sucks. Hell, I’d even throw money at them if awakening materials were in the gacha. Idol Wars makes you want to spend money on it out of frustration because you can’t buy what you want.

Depending on the version you’re playing, this is all that is involved with awakening and training idols. However, if you’re on the 18+ site you’ll be able to see how awakenings and limit breaks affect your harem.

Now for the important part – the porn!

Idol Wars Online

Each idol in Idol Wars has three scenes you can fap to. With over 80 idols in the game so far, you’re looking at well over 240 scenes full of idols being gangbanged, humiliated, raped, and just totally cucking fucked. Unfortunately unlocking the scenes can be a bitch since there are some restrictions in place. The first scene is only available to idols that are R-ranked and higher, so any N rank idol cannot get fucked. Scene 2 is available once you’ve completely broken your idol and leveled them to the max, and it’s a continuation of the first scene. The final scene is unlocked after awakening an idol and shows them finally getting fucked by you. They’re also all uncensored, believe it or not. That alone is a reason to give the game a look if  you ask me.

Idol Wars Online

The first two scenes are considered fantasy scenes, and they manage to cover a number of fetishes. These range from forced sex to tentacle molestation, to humiliation, public sex, and even a footjob from a nun. The scenes don’t have any background audio, which does take away from the whole event. Most of the scenes you’ll be reading as well, since only the dialogue by the women are voiced. And of course all idols that appear in the harem scenes are over the age of 18, as indicated by the red text that explicitly states such as fact. Covering all your legal bases; well played, Nutaku.

Idol Wars Online

After going through the work of gacha gambling and strengthening your idols, you can start putting the girls to real use. Live Battles are the exact opposite of how the name sounds. Rather than being actual live battles against another player, they’re automatic fights that work similar to fighting Rivals. The objective of Live Battles is to have more appeal than your opponent after three turns. Honestly with the way it works, the system can feel like you’re just tossing a coin and calling the side it lands on. There’s no visual gauge tracking the appeal points, so all you’re seeing are the increases and decreases caused by attacks and skills. Before actually choosing an opponent you can change the formation and idols to participate, as well as the focus to balanced, attack, or defense.

You don’t get participation rewards for Live Battles. Instead you are given rewards based on your wins and ranking. The higher your ranking, the better the reward you get, as well as a specific title for that rank. If you manage to get to a high enough rank, the titles provided actually increase your damage output during Dream Fest. Rewards are also earned when you get promoted to the next week, and maintain your ranking for that week or month. Win streaks are also a thing in Live Battles, and provide rewards for all the way up to having a 100 win streak (which is likely impossible without some $pending on the game).


Dream Fest – Where Things Get Serious

When a player first begins Idol Wars they’re given the option to join a recommended Production or be independent and manage their own. Productions are essentially guilds in the game, and like guilds players are able to join and leave as they see fit. Strength is in numbers here. However, if your idol members are weak as shit it won’t matter how many you got. As the Production Manager, you can recruit players, kick them out, chat with them in the Conference Room, and even give them roles such as Villain, Coordinator, or Make Up Artist. The owner of the Production also sets the times they participate in Dream Fest.

Idol Wars Online

In Idol Wars Online, Dream Fest is where all that work put into training your idols gets put to the test. It is also a test of how well the players in a Production work together. Up to twenty-five players from both productions have to coordinate their actions in real time for thirty minutes. Players assigned to the Front are the ones that act as attackers, lowering the motivation of the opponents’ front line. The ones assigned to the Rear act as support – buffing and healing the Front members while debuffing the opponents.

Players from both rows are able to switch so long as they aren’t exhausted. Good Productions swap positions regularly to keep everyone at their best. Regardless of whatever is done, at the end of thirty minutes the Production with the most appeal points wins. While this is a grossly simplified explanation of how Dream Fest functions, Idol Wars provides more in-depth information including information on the idols’ skills and how they can activate other skills. I’d suggest going over all of that information twice so you have an understanding of it. Of course you could just sell your soul for piles of Nutaku Gold, break your girls to maximum power and have your idols appeal for obscene amounts of damage on stage.

But even if you do sell your soul, that alone won’t guarantee you winning Live Battles or Dream Fest. Participation in Dream Fest earns you Dream Points, similar to how Scouting earns Scouting Points. Dream Fest measures your team’s attack and defense as well as providing a Masterpiece skill to use. The effects of a Masterpiece depends on the skill being used. This skill can a buff to your team, or a debuff that lowers the enemies’ stats. Investing into the abilities that benefit your Production is critical to success during these events.


The Grand Prix – Where Winning Matters

Idol Wars Online

As complex of an event as Dream Fest is, winning or losing doesn’t matter as much, since everyone gets a reward for participating. The Grand Prix, however, is a completely different story. The Grand Prix runs just exactly like Dream Fest, the main difference is that there is a ranking system involved. While everyone receives a participation reward, only those Productions ranked 500th and higher receive increasingly good rewards. The Production ranked first gets the best rewards, and these rewards include the featured idols only obtained through the Grand Prix.

If you aren’t in the top 500 you only earn the reward for participating. Those in the top 100 get increasingly better shit. The top 99 Productions also obtain Dream Keys, which are used to access a special quest stage. Each run through the stage consumes a Dream Key, so you’ll want a lot of them. A few lucky Productions are given a free pass, no need to spend dream keys to advance through levels, at random. If your luck sucks you miss out.

Productions and Dream Fest are the two main reasons I play the game as regularly as I do. I chose to run a production rather than join one, and with the people that’ve joined we have a lot of fun. We’re a decently active production with our own Discord channel. We talk, joke, come up with strategies, and play other games together. The kind of things you’d expect from a guild in an MMO or a group of friends online. And with Dream Fest happening twice a day, we try to always attend since we rely on each other to win. That alone is what makes Idol Wars so great, despite the gacha gambling addiction you’ll develop playing it. Your only interaction isn’t just with pixels on a screen, you actually get to talk and play with other people.


Other Game Options and Mobile Play

There are some options not available at this time and may be available at a later date. These are the Friends list, Diva Comics, Episodes, and the Light Novel. All we can do is wait for them to make that available, whenever that will be. Outside of quests and battles, you can view more information on the Idols in the Idolpedia. You can also feed your inner gambler by spending your hard earned Dol for more gacha tickets. There’s also a skill encyclopedia for Dream Fest and Live Battles for you stat junkies.

Idol Wars Online

Idol Wars is one of Nutaku’s games that play on a smartphone… if you can actually get it to work. While Idol Wars states to work on iOS, I have no luck running it. This is using both the Safari and Chrome browser (and the game recommends to use Chrome). With a friend’s windows phone, I only made it past the start screen. In comparison, I’ve had no problems whatsoever in running it on an Android phone.

Outside of the interface, the mobile version of the game runs identical to the version on a computer browser. Older devices will have issues with animations, and will see the frame rate drop considerably. The biggest disappointment is the fact that the game doesn’t come as a mobile app. This means you miss out on the upbeat music that adds to the game and makes it more enjoyable. Still, it’s a good way of checking up on what’s happening or attending Dream Fest if you’re away from home.


Final Thoughts

Idol Wars Online is a pretty good free game to play on internet browsers on a PC. Yeah, all the RNG gacha bullshit sucks, but you get a lot of free tickets if you play regularly. For those that play casually, you can really have some fun once you find a good Production. Don’t be surprised if a Production uses Discord voice chat. If you want to be competitive, get ready to ride on the dicks of a production that plays pay to win.

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