VGHustler was launched in autumn 2015. We are part of a family of hentai sites, owned by Canadian businessman Doxy / Onta. The organization is an international freelance network. Regular freelancers are unofficially contracted employees, that enjoy the freedom to work for multiple companies. You don’t have to drop your mainstream gigs to write about your favorite porn games. You can also write for us, while writing for other sites, under an alias.


Study the format – our reviews all use the same format.
Be able to self-edit your writings.
Contribute at least two new articles each month.
Take no longer than 15 days to complete an article.


You should have good English skills you feel confident about, and history with hentai games, or sextoys. The first products you’ll write about, will be products you already used. When reviewing games, you should take between 20 to 50 screenshots. The format for reviews is always the same, and imagery required is standardized – read our reviews before applying.


Writers are paid $35.00 per game and sextoy reviews, $20.00 per news.
Payments are conducted exclusively via online payment services Paypal, Paxum, Ether, and Bitcoin.
Payment is conducted immediately after an article is published.
Paxum e-wallet users receive a 5% bonus to their commission. Try Paxum now>


Some countries issue prison sentences, or even the death penalty, for writing about adult topics. When writing for VGHustler.com, your identity is fully protected. You can use a made-up email to contact us. You write under an alias of your choice. Digital foot prints, like emails, will never include your real name. If you want to maximize your anonymity, ask your payments in Ether, or Bitcoin.


VGHustler.com is not a news organization. We want healthy long-term relationships with our staff, our customers, and our advertisers. Some compromises are made in these relationships. We are financially reliant on our customers, we respect your needs for accurate information on products. We balance your needs with the interests of our advertisers, who generally don’t care about bad coverage of products. However, some companies are led by psychopathic CEOs, whose autism occasionally leads to embarrassing fuck ups. These companies tend to be more obsessed with public image than others. To preserve our good relations with these homosexual companies, we may sometimes avoid coverage of their incompetent idiocy.
Credit to writers and editors is given in each article.
When re-posting articles from other websites, credit is given to the original writer, and source.


At any point, while writing for VGHustler.com, you may ask for a written letter of recommendation. The articles you’ve written will be included in the letter, as RTF files. Negative mentions of your autistic temper tantrums are omitted from the letter. Use the experience from writing for us, to prove your competence to other hentai websites. Come back to writing when your Prozac kicks in.


Please email your job applications, inquiries, and press releases at [email protected]