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Funbag Fantasy

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Funbag Fantasy is an epic hentai visual novel produced by Waffle and localized by MangaGamer. This colossal piece of fap fodder was released in September 2016 for , and retails for $44.95. Made by Japanese studio Waffle in 2009, the game saw its uncensored western release seven years after it debuted in Japan. The game’s most popular character is the cheerful red-headed succubus Shamsiel, whose massively fantastic body has been cast in plastic several times over the years.

Welcome to the VGHustler review of Funbag Fantasy, or Kyonyu Fantasy in Japanese.

Funbag Fantasy

Funbag Fantasy is awesome, let’s get that out of the way first. It’s got a detailed story, an enjoyable cast of characters, most of whom you get to fuck. There’s piles of gorgeous, faptastic artwork I had the pleasure of screenshotting during my playthrough, enough porn to satisfy the most hardcore hentai lovers. The artstyle is easy on the eyes, neatly colored up to the shadows and droplets of excretitions. The story is a fluid read, despite its word count, and doesn’t feel like a wall of text erected in your face. All the assets are great stuff, but in my opinion the best part about Funbag Fantasy is the stellar voice acting. Every character is voiced, every scene has dialog, including the sex scenes! The whole package is excellently put together.

Funbag Fantasy follows the story of Lute Hende, a graduate from Knight Academy. He was the bottom of his class, a pitiable character. His home country has recently made a transition from a plutocracy to a monarchy, with graduates of the Knight Academy pushed into serving a bureaucratic establishment. Graduates have historically been thrust into tasks befitting of their battle prowess. Except Lute Hende, who is essentially just a random dude. He is equipped with rhetorical quips and one liners, doesn’t have strong opinions, and just goes with the flow of things. Nobody respects him or really cares whether he lives or he dies. Lute, at the Prime Minister’s bidding, goes from location to location, solves problems no one expected him to, and almost by happenstance advances the plot.


Mundane character archetypes aside, the overarching story of Funbag Fantasy is what really drew me in. Rebellions against the Knighted Bureaucracy are popping up. While this is happening, Lute is sent to a place named Boan, the backwoods of the kingdom – the superiors wanted as little to do with him as possible. Boan is a nondescript town with some asshole in charge. While there, he is introduced to one of the main characters: the busty succubus Shamsiel. Her rack is truly the stuff of legends, and she plays an integral role in the story as both your cocksleeve and assistant.

Besides Shamsiel, who is without qualms about going into the kitchen to make a boob sandwich for you meat rod, Boan is home to a woman of even greater cup-size, called Roxanne. While she may be a minor character, all the ladies you fuck impact the story one way or another. Every new location you go to hosts a new love interest whose ripe waiting womb you familiarize yourself with.

Funbag Fantasy

You foil a rebellion in Boan and return to the capital as a hero. Roxanne gets left behind, but Shamsiel joins you, serving you more tittyfucks to kill her boredom. It’s at this point you’re finally given a real choice in the story. Boan served as a starting area with a linear plot, but make no mistake, this is a visual novel, you do get to choose how the story unfolds.

This first choice has you either become a general set to thwart another rebellion, or you can enter a spooky demon forest. Both choices have you set up to fail;  the higher ups hate your guts, and getting rid of you is on their agenda. Regardless of your decision, everything is set on rails from that point forward.

The main disappointment I had with Funbag Fantasy was the lack of choices. I only played one route, and from what I experienced in the solid 7 hours of playing, I only encountered a single choice that affected the story. At only a few points did I get to decide how to fuck someone, or where I wanted to cum. I felt like I was simply playing a game, that there was no player input. This is fine for games advertised as kinetic novels, but when you say you’re a visual novel, that comes with different expectations. It’s not a deal breaker, because the content was great, but it felt odd.

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The user interface was pleasant to look at, with a text menu that was transparent and text scrolling at a reasonable pace. You’re never presented with long paragraphs to read, each mouse click prompts on average two sentences worth of dialogue or description. It’s soothing for the eyes. The menu is intuitive; during a play, you bring your mouse near the bottom of the screen to bring up our options.

Characters in Funbag Fantasy added to the entertainment factor. Each character has their own speaking (typing) style. Shamsiel, your succubus cum dumpster, applies a liberal use of the tilde (~) and musical notes. Gladys, a strong fighter with a fierce intellect, speaks in a direct manner. Emeralia, the adviser to the Prime Minister, speaks robotically, without emotion, until a phat cum-oozing dick penetrates her whore mouth, which is when the bitch becomes a horny slut with no filter between her cunt and her yapper.


Voice acting of Funbag Fantasy is superb. I cannot speak Japanese, but I know their performances were excellent, simply based on the emotion behind their words, and the pacing of their speech. The succubus is seductive, the princess is timid, and the generals act gruff. Your rival, Motaire, sounds like a fucking prick. Even plain dialogue sounds natural. No one tries to speak in a sexy manner unless it’s called for.

The sex scenes are fucking glorious. These bitches cum as soon as you even look at their nipple, and they all sound like it. I was seriously impressed with these performances. Their tones matched with what I was reading, even a filthy gaijun like me could tell they were on point. Their orgasmic motherly moans were sizzling hot and natural-sounding. This game is great fap fodder for the audio alone.

The art in Funbag Fantasy is quality. The men are regal and have ornate, intricate armor that makes them look powerful. The girls wear armor that, of course, leaves their breasts half-exposed. Gladys’ outfit leaves her underboob fully exposed. As a huge fan of sensual underboob visuals, I rate Gladys ten out of ten. Each character has a variety of facial expressions during dialogue, and reflect what they’re saying. None of them suffer from the most commonly found problem in VN: tiny mouth. It’s easy to just redraw different expressions and get proportions off, but Funbag Fantasy had none of that shit.

Lines are hard and shadows are dark. Everything feels like its living in a 3D space, nothing comes off as flat. There aren’t a lot of textures on display in this visual novel. The backgrounds are good works of art, they have more depth than the CG sex scenes. Those have a good variety of textures. Sex scenes less so, but all there is to show is skin, so it’s easily forgivable. Include that with the excellent shading and application of shadows, and it’s easy to overlook. If the lines were a bit softer, I’d have a problem.

The sex CG is great as well. Titties are big and voluptuous, and I was expecting to have them all run together. Boy, was I wrong. Each set of breasts you get to fondle and fuck are notably different in some way. The MILF has big tits that sag under their weight, and are constantly leaking breast milk. Isis, a fellow knight, has large nipples that are inverted. The succubus you fuck has the most perfect tits out of all of them, not too large that sit perfectly on her body. Each time Lute grabs a titty, for one reason or another, it looks realistic. Flesh pushes out between his fingers, nipples grow longer to spurt milk. When you fuck them, their bodies look natural, and their faces reflect their ecstasy nicely.


There are only two complaints I have about this game. One is about the art, the other about the story. What pissed me off about the art, was how lute’s dick is drawn. It is woefully, inexcusably bland. There’s no real coloration like we see with tits in the game, the meat rod is an abnormally smooth tube of flesh. This is an issue I hear Japanese visual novels having, that because penises are always censored, the artists don’t bother putting any details on them. To most people, a bland penis is maybe acceptable. I like detail in my penises, not just because I’m a flaming bisexual, but because it just bothered me for the entire duration of my playthrough. There is no color variation on his dick, it’s one straight color. The head never becomes engorged with blood, there’s no purple or pink in any of the art.

The other big issue I had was a minor plot detail with major ramifications. For reasons unfathomable to a rational mind, there is a certain very important character who brings a gun to the sword fight. A fucking gun, in a medieval setting of blademasters, and sorcerers.

Music was the weakest part of Funbag Fantasy by far, though my statement this sits as a testament to how fun this game really is. The music is well orchestrated, with each piece setting the tone in a specific way. It also effectively fits the theme of “medieval fantasy” that is set out. There is no noticeable loop point, a sign that someone actually gave a shit. Nothing is worse than hearing that one double note before the track restarts. After a couple hours the songs got a little irritating, but the music is not omnipresent. Several scenes lack sound. Instead, either dialogue or simple sound effects take the center stage in those scenes. And speaking of sound effects, scenes that feature walking have footsteps playing in the background. In the market, you hear townspeople speaking indistinctly, in a buzz. Open fields have grass rustling, and in forests the leaves flutter in the wind. Sword clashes sound real, though “punch” and “slash” sounds were kind of corny.

The sex sound effects are mediocre, but standard for the industry. I’ve never heard good sex sound effects, so waffle can hardly be chastised for it. Thrusting into boobs and cunts sounds like a dildo fucking a bowl of jello, and when Lute gropes a nice rack it sounds like someone rubbing a balloon. A single smooch sounds fine, but anytime someone slips their tongue in a fleshy crevice, it’s someone eating a bowl of noodles. The jello noises aren’t unbearable, they’re many times better than mediocre hentai OVAs I’ve been plowing lately.


As you’ve undoubtedly figured out, Funbag Fantasy is all about tits. Every single woman you run into carries a massive back-breaking rack, and your goal is to fuck ’em. Your character is addicted to big breasts, just like most fappers. It’s a lot of princesses and strong independent… holy shit they’re drinking breast milk.

In summary, story was fucking great. I got invested in the world and the boobacious characters. The characters are believable and have their own motivations, even if it’s just to get dick. Voice acting is superb, both outside of sex scenes and during them. Art looks fantastic, the only small detail I didn’t like was Lute’s dick. The music sounded nice. It could get repetitive and irritating, but name a game that wouldn’t do the same. The sound effects weren’t great, but they weren’t terrible either. The text and user interface are attractive and don’t get in the way, the menu pops up as soon as you mouse over it.

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