Legend of Queen Opala – Rape The Queen!!


The Legend of Queen Opala is a turn-based plot-focused porn game made with RPG maker.

Tons of fan art of the game litter the internet. My interest piqued, and a quick Google search later, I found the website!

Queen Opala, the fictional ruler of Egypt, is a near mythical woman. Rumours are spread of her beauty, and her raw sexuality. Lusting to confirm these rumors, our nameable protagonist (I named him Milky) grabbed a ship to Egypt…

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The RPG Maker game engine is similar to Game Maker; many fantastic games have been made with both engines, but the majority of titles people spit out are garbage. Queen Opala is one of the better games; the story is decent, art original, and there´s even erotic voice acting!

One cannot simply meet with her Highness Opala, sadly, but you must get an official appointed audience. Defeated, Milky tried to hatch a plan to meet the whorish queen, and in doing so uncovered a conspiracy! Unsurprisingly, he was not the only dog chasing royal tail.

The conspiracy, a kidnapping plot, was hatched by the queen´s evil sister Osira. She was banished from Egypt by Opala, and is back to claim the throne. Milky rushed to warn Opala, finally getting her audience. My guy quickly learned the stories of the queen’s beauty and sluttiness to be true. He not only heard firsthand accounts of her fucking slaves and soldiers, he even caught her in the act – with her pet panther. The sexual fun doesn’t last though, because Osira appears!


Milky chased Osira through the palace dungeons and killed her monsters, but her magic proved too strong. Milky lost the fight, and was left with two choices: side with the queen, or Join Osira and betray the Queen. My dick chose Osira, so I joined the dark side and was thrust into a plot of magic and political intrigue. Lady Osira tasked Milky with kidnapping Opala and her mother, Lady Farah. After some hiccups, Darth Milky succeeded, defeating the four Gatekeepers of the underworld and the spirit of Opala’s dead father, and Osira took power in Egypt. Opala and her mother were raped by monsters while the whole capital watched, naturally.


The sex pics in Queen Opala are sometimes not that appealing, and even odd to look at. There’s no way to replay the sex scenes, nor is there a way (to my knowledge) to hide the textbox during scenes. My non-sex related complaint is that it’s possible to over-level the content very quickly, making most enemy encounters nothing but fodder, excluding boss fights – especially fights with Sir Edward remain a challenge.


While this is mostly a sex-based game, the actual plot was more interesting than the in-and-out moments. The plot was fairly standard, but what made it interesting was the ability to choose which side you want to join.

Exploring the world map, though fairly small, was a lot of fun, and when Milky got to Greece, there was fucktons to discover.

The art was nice enough, though some assets like sprites were from royalty-free websites and stocks from RPG Maker. As a musician, I definitely spotted the royalty-free stock music. At least it was good stock music, and it fit in nicely with the atmosphere.

Voice acting was used sparingly, only appearing during erotic bits. It can be odd to hear the over-the-top hentai lines said out loud, but the voice actors did a great job at heightening the mood. Plus, you can never go wrong with a good, horny moan.

I liked that there was stuff to do besides the main storyline. There’s side quests, like stopping a group of rebel soldiers, delving into a sinister dream world, and there are illustrations to find scattered around the world, as well as paintings you can place in your house. There’s also endgame content to keep you playing after beating the game.


Queen Opala was fun. The sex didn´t take full helm, which is nice, and while there was awkwardness with some of the artwork and a number of spelling and grammatical issues, the flaws weren´t bad enough to stop Milky from conquering Egypt.

It’s a nice, short, free game, plus it has a sequel! Just save often, and make sure no-one walks up on you as Lady Farah is getting pounded by massive horsecock.



Our Rating

Voice acting8
Monster rape10

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