Littlewitch Romanesque – Cute Witch Romance


A harem scenario pizza party… with magic dice!

The story of Littlewitch Romanesque is of two troubled witch students, the feisty Aria and the introverted Kaya. You are tasked with tutoring them into full-blown magic wielders in only three years. To improve their learning speed, all three of you move into a wizard’s tower filled with ancient history and secrets. You are not alone for long; the tower draws in a hoard of girls with strong personalities.



The story progression of Littlewitch Romanesque is tied into an addicting, strategic dice game, where the two young witches seek dice combos to cast spells and collect spirit. Your success with the lessons and choice of spells affect the story. However, as your control over the dice results is limited, you’re forced to make choices. The girl’s have their own talent trees, and unlocking spells leads to new mini-stories. The dice game alone is a lot of fun, it´s a completely unique mechanic not found in other eroge, and it adds to the replayability factor so, so much.

The main pull in shounen visual novels is the sexy female cast. The women of Littlewitch Romanesque are perfect depictions of their respective fetishes while still having a backstory and personality. The harem of Littlewitch Romanesque includes a virgin princess, cat girl maid, warrior dominatrix, frisky elf, flippant fairy queen, flat-chested angel, lusty genius architect, and more. It speaks for the strength of the characters´ personalities that they are the ones making all the advances at Domino.


I say this as a writer; the cast of Littlewitch Romanesque is really well done. All of their personalities are unique, which is showcased in their actions and dialogue. I can absolutely appreciate the literary craftsmanship put into this title. Even the supporting cast, such as the traveling merchants and your acquaintances at the wizard school Grimoire remind you of actual people, rather than caricatures.

I can´t recommend this game enough. To date, it is the most satisfying eroge I have played.

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