MangaGamer Announces A Myriad of New Titles at Otakon!

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August 11th, 2017– The first new announcement from Otakon comes welcome news to Otome fans: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, will be coming to MangaGamer and Steam this September 8th!

When two handsome young men spot the perfect girl to be their first model and help make a name for themselves, they’re determined to go for broke and make her shine—but first they’ll have to get her out of her house! Can these two really give such an anti-social recluse the makeover she needs to be a star? Or will she be the one to change them in this off-beat romantic comedy? Little Miss Lonesome will be coming to in its fully uncut adult version and an all-ages edition for Steam!

Fans can pre-order now to get 20% off!
We’re also proud to announce that Supipara has now reached the funding goal for Chapter 2!
Translation of Chapter 2 is already complete, and will see release soon! Fans can check the funding site to check on the goals for Chapter 3 through 6, which will all be released English first!
Next up, MangaGamer had several new English Originals to announce tonight!
From the developers Tamaya Kagiya comes His Chuunibyou Can’t be Cured! Inspired by titles like the anime The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, this studio formed by joining together both Western and Eastern developers in hopes of inspiring others. Their first title, His Chuunibyou Can’t Be Cured, has already been successfully Kickstarted and tells a story of a gaming student determined to create his own video game alongside several talented artists.
Their debut title is currently expected to be available on MangaGamer and Steam this fall!
Also coming soon this fall is Tsukiware’s second major title, Tower of Five Hearts, a yuri tale of several maids in service to their princess, all hoping to become her bride for the sake of their respective kingdoms. With artwork by Ryle, you can enjoy fox girls, dog girls, lamia, bunny girls, and catgirls all competing for one lucky woman’s hand in marriage.
Also coming soon to MangaGamer are the next two Lupiesoft titles: The Stargazers: Remastered and Dizzy Hearts. The former will be a significant revamp of the previous released The Stargazers, with new chapters, new sprites, new CG, and voices.
But that’s not all! MangaGamer also announced five new titles for localization!
For fans of dungeon crawlers and gameplay focused eroge, there’s the new title The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labyrinth~ by their brand new partner, Lunasoft!
Join the Spirit Master of Retarnia in saving the kingdom from the Demon World at the behest of your queen! Explore classic, 3D dungeons with a host of five heroines, each with their own special abilities! Power up with equipment uncovered in the dungeon, and customize your party’s skills as they level up to create the best builds for your style!
On top of that, MangaGamer had a big announcement for yaoi and BL fans: from pa-rade, the creators of No, Thank You!!! comes Room No. 9!
Best friends Daichi and Seiji set out on an almost too-good-to-be-true summer vacation, but it quickly turns into a nightmare…
Instead of the island paradise they were expecting, they find themselves trapped in a strange room and forced to participate in an incomprehensible “experiment” demanding that they either harm Daichi physically or Seiji sexually. They’ll have to play along to have any hope of escaping with their lives, but that means hurting each other and possibly destroying their friendship—and their minds—in the process.
While Daichi is quick to declare that he’d be just fine less one arm, and Seiji argues for the options that won’t leave lasting physical scars, do they really understand the consequences? Can they survive the “experiment” and is survival alone enough?
Of course, that doesn’t mean yuri fans are being left out either, as MangaGamer announced the acquisition of Yurin Yurin’s A Kiss for the Petals ~Maidens of Michael~, slated for release on MangaGamer and Steam!
Picking up from the famous, original A Kiss for the Petals titles, Maidens of Michael reintroduces the five couples fans have grown to know and love while expanding on their story, sharing many new months worth of development as their relationships lose their freshness and encounter the hardships of long term love. As these ten girls learn how to manage life and love, grow, and support each other, a new budding couple is introduced as well.
And last but not least, MangaGamer is proud to announce the acquisition of two new titles from Alicesoft: the famous, highly anticipated Sengoku Rance and Rance Quest Magnum!
After ditching his bride-to-be from Rance VI, the infamous Rance travels to the great nation of Nippon for a hot-springs vacation–only to get enlisted by Nobunaga Oda! What starts as a war to reclaim land quickly leads to conquering the entirety of Nippon and bring its warring states to heel under Rance’s command!
Departing from Rance’s traditional RPG style, Sengoku Rance is a grand strategy game ruled by army battles, the conquest of territories, and management of your forces. Conquer as you please, with every victory altering the face of the war! New characters, new events, and new encounters unlock based on the path you take. Experienced players can even enjoy a NG+ mode, with more stories, more heroines, and more conquests to pursue!
Returning from his grand adventure of unifying Nippon, Rance is back home and planning to take it easy for a while. Being Rance, though, he’s barely into his vacation before he’s getting into trouble and he’s struck with a debilitating curse! Under the curse, Rance is unable to have sex with any woman under level 35, and if he goes without a woman for too long, he just might find himself turned off from them forever (if he can even hold out that long). Seems there’s no time for a vacation after all! Rance sets off on another grand (though not always grave) adventure across the Continent: to find and fuck all the girls over level 35 he can get his hands on.

Chasing his (ig)noble goal, you will challenge hundreds of quests and recruit dozens of characters. There’s a huge variety of adventures, dungeons, missions (both weighty and wacky), and sexy things all waiting for you! Meet new faces and return to old companions’ beds while you do whatever and whoever it takes to break Rance’s curse.

Sengoku Rance and Rance Quest Magnum will be released separately on MangaGamer.
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