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I’m back at it again, writing and shilling about another game recommended by our advertiser Nutaku. Last time I covered Osawari Island, which was nice but lacking gameplay. This time I’m covering Millennium War Aigis, a tower defense game!

The story of Millenium War Aigis is that humanity is crumbling under the merciless monster attacks orchestrated by the Demon King. The future is bleak, and the humans are in a rough spot, but not all is lost. A lone hero, whom the goddess Aigis gives the power to wipe out the evil. He massacres the enemy hordes and kills the Demon King. But even with the king’s death, monster attacks didn’t stop. Even the hero lost hope, but Aigis sealed the evil away by sucking it inside herself, and that was the end of the Millennium War.

They built a shrine to Aigis, and the hero became the king. Years pass, and the king and his people are content, and everything is peaceful. But oh shit, monsters are returning!! The seal on Aigis’ body has been broken, and the monsters are stronger than ever. The king dies, and there’s no one to save the people this time. Humanity is completely fucked. And thus, a second Millennium War begins.

This is where the actual game begins, with you taking the role of the prince, trying to get to Aigis’ shrine. The actual gameplay is that of a tower defense game, and involves significantly more interaction than Osawari Island did.  There’s like some actual strategy required this time. Wow!

Millenium War Aigis - Battle

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You need to place units to fight off the incoming enemies. This costs unit points, which replenish over time. Stronger units use more unit points, so you need to manage your resources wisely. When you beat a level, you get experience points and gold, as well as a score based on your performance, and new units to add to your team. You can either feed these units to your favorites to level them up, or take them into your turn. But make no mistake; cannibalism is the core mechanic of this game.

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Outside of battle, Millenium War Aigis starts to show some similarities to Osawari. When you aren’t kicking ass in combat, you can do a bunch of maintenance jobs, like assembling and modifying your team, buying goodies with Nutaku gold, various shrine related things, and bonding with your units. Like in Osawari Island, bonding is how you get intimate with your units, and I was surprised to see that. In addition to giving gifts to your cute female units, you can go drinking with your male units to become closer to them.

Millenium War Aigis - Main Screen

Unfortunately, it turns out that drinking with your buddies will only raise their stats and increase their trust with the prince. So, while there are plenty of straight sex scenes, no dick-rubbing is allowed. To quote a quite hilarious Millennium War Aigis Wiki user, “…we’re living in a feminazi world where guys are discriminated against, and women are the superior beings.” So, if you are disappointed that there aren’t any yaoi options, blame the feminists and enjoy the collection of sexy naked ladies.

Millenium War Aigis - Sex with Alissa

Nutaku has a good track record for having quality sex scenes in their games, and Millennium War Aigis is no exception. The art is superb, though it seems like some of the CGs are of a lower quality than others. It shares the small amount of nasty-time text as Osawari Island’s adult scenes, which was more of a positive than a negative for me, but I noticed that there were considerably less erotic moments compared to Osawari.

Even then, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of girls. Pictured are two of the early bangable units, but the catalogue of girls you get to sex up is pretty vast.

Millenium War Aigis - Sex with Soma

Sometimes, they might seem forced, though. As jerk-off material, the CGs are fantastic, but in a gameplay sense, they don’t integrate into the story very well. It’s a game with a generic but overall interesting plot, yet the relationships with your units end up being ultimately tacked on. It would, in my opinion, work better narrative-wise if the sex was removed completely.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Osawari Island. There were some aspects I enjoyed, and I liked the overall idea of it, but the combat felt like a chore. This isn’t a good sign for a game you’re supposed to play to have fun. Fortunately, Millenium War Aigis actually plays like a game instead, and has combat gameplay that’s a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Of the games I’ve played on Nutaku thus far, this one I will certainly recommend.

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This is a fun game, even if it's still F2P hell. The story may be generic, but it's enough to keep your interest, and the sex may be crammed in there, but it's still nice to look at.

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