My Girlfriend Is The President


Sexy political satire.

My Girlfriend Is The President is set in modern-day Japan. It starts in a government building. An alien space ship crashes and kills the top leaders of the United States Of Nippon. The alien Qoo Little-Little covers up the massacre by brainwashing the world into thinking your childhood friend, Yukino Ohama, is the president of Nippon.

Your friends Miyoshi Ran and Morita are assigned government positions, and you, Hondo Junichirou, are appointed Vice President. You are not affected by the brainwashing, and neither is the president of Rusia, Irina Putina. After more craziness, Putina, Yukino, Ran, and even Qoo’s sentient spaceship Ezekiel develop a crush on you. Everything is perfect, except that your enemies are plotting to disperse your harem…


The story is chock full of wacky humour and parodies of politics and eroge. Darker, more serious themes seep through as you learn of conspiracies and wars that threaten the universe, unknown to the people of Earth. The game is great at keeping a carefree, lazy atmosphere. You get both entertaining comedy and substance.

The sex segments stand out. The art is wonderful, with spot on anatomy. The writing is simply stellar. Best of all, the more sex they have, the more comfortable the characters become with their sexuality. You see the change in their personalities outside of the bedroom.


The sex scenes are plenty, and the developers didn’t skimp on sci-fi elements either. For example, Ezekiel grows cat ears and performs cloaked oral sex in the Oval Office. The sex scenes are downright hawt, and even though you access them later in the game, there’s tamer ecchi moments leading up to them.

My Girlfriend is the President is on my list of favorite eroge, close to a perfect ten. The few flaws it has are outweighed by its awesomeness.

The game also has a ”fandisc”. The fandisc only boasts brainless porn. The characters’ personalities are changed, and the content is limited. You choose either Putina’s or Ezekiel’s route. They both turn into harem situations, either with Putina and Yukino, or Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Qoo. Download at J-LIST or JAST USA.

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