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Reviewed by Freaky Eddie, edited by Otaku Apologist. Toy provided by JLIST.

Made by Tamatoys, ANAL und VAGINA double-hole onahole is an affordable male sextoy for the broke, lonely animefappers. This toy arrived on my doorstep, among a big batch of toys. The travel took about a week from the moment of ordering. For its very low price, this double hole delivers a two-in-one pussy pumping experience that few similar toys are successful at. As we all know, double holes tend to suck ass…



In this short, weeb looking box lays the coveted onahole. The front of the box prominently features some green haired bitch from some anime show about girls and tanks that, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit about. The one piece swimsuit is tight, showing off her perky breasts and a great camel toe. One side of the box features a closeup of the girl, but doesn’t present anything the buyer hasn’t seen already. The back is much more lewd, showing off the detailed internal structure and both entrances. Pouting, puffy vaginal lips invite your cock inside, while a tight, puckered asshole just begs to be fucked.

The internal design doesn’t aim to mimic either the anal or vaginal cavity, instead aiming to give the user a more pleasurable experience by offering a slew of sexy ridges and bumps. A real pussy cannot compare to this level of intensity.



The external skin is soft and pleasant to the touch. While it isn’t the rather amazing “Virgin Skin” brand that Tamatoys has patented, it is still realistic and certainly up to par. The lips to the vaginal entrance are stretchy and mildly entertaining to flick and play with. The inside of the vaginal entrance features spiral-like texturing and is soft to the touch.

The opposite end, the anus, is tight and puckered. The skin around the anal entrance is anatomically correct, surprisingly. Rather than a cheap and simple paint job to give the appearance of a fuckable asshole, it’s almost the real deal. The inside of the anal entrance has small bumps which go approximately halfway down before switching to the spirals of the vagina.

I found ANAL und VAGINA to be remarkably resilient to damage. We fucked this toy with my faggot boyfriend, a dick in each entrance, which stretched the toy quite wide. In solo use I’ve been unable to destroy it any further. After about a dozen uses, it’s still very usable for cock milking.



The internal structure of the toy grips a cock nicely, and the texturing is much more pleasurable than if it were anatomically correct. The asshole feels great to slowly penetrate and pry open, and the vaginal end is great for fast and hard riding. Imagine a wet plastic bag, that’s stuffed with puffy cotton. Yeah, fuck that bitch like stuffing a turkey. Of the many holes I’ve reviewed, this one was above average in intensity and pleasure.

Unfortunately, Anal und Vagina did not come with a free sample lotion packet, but my bottle of Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion worked beautifully, handling mine and my boyfriend’s dicks for 30+ minutes easily.

My one complaint is the lack of length of ANAL und VAGINA. I will admit, I don’t have the biggest dick out there, yet when using this thing, the head of my penis would consistently poke out of the other end. This, while pleasurable, meant that I was never balls deep in a tight, wet hole. If the idea of plowing two holes at the same time is intriguing to you, great for you! I was disappointed.

onahole cleaning


One of the advantages in double-sided onaholes is the cleaning: it’s easy as fuck. You put one end under the tap, and the cum-lube cocktail comes out the other end. You may have some difficulty with the asshole, due to its tightness, but I simply shoved it onto the faucet and everything flowed out. For drying, I cleaned the outside with a towel, and used my fingers for the inner parts, then left her to air dry on my desk.


The Anal und Vagina is a simple and cheap dual-entrance onahole. It’s marketed for fans of whatever the hell the anime is, and it feels good. Throwing aside boring anatomical accuracy, it opts for more pleasurable textures designed to make you cum fast. It feels great and can takes a lot of punishment, and the only drawback is that if your dick is big, your glans will poke out the other end.

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