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Sugoman is an inexpensive starter onahole, made by Enjoy Toys. It’s pretty got very rough insides, and a small size, making it decent for a glans massage on small, and medium-sized penises. It was provided for my review, by otonaJP, adult lifestyle shop in Japan. If you don’t yet know onaholes, they are Japanese male sextoys that mimic a vagina.

My white middle-class penis has been a reviewer of adult goods since 2014. I am uncircumsized, medium-size, and beyond desensitized. You can support my work by shopping at my store hentai-onahole.moe.

This is Otaku Apologist’s official review of Sugoman starter onahole!



The package depicts an upside down hentai girl, boobs popping out of her top. Is she a loli? The package is just a tiny cartboard box, the onahole is stashed inside. The box art shows all the important details about the toy, the outside, and the internal design. It’s a very cheap, simple box, for a cheap, simple pocket pussy. In fact, I can see myself carrying this toy in the box when I’m travelling, literally inside my pocket. A toy like this is effortless to smuggle into a public bathroom for a quick wank.

Sugoman includes a small sample lotion packet. Hole companies want to ensure that you can use their products immediately after unpacking. If you didn’t know, you absolutely need some water-based lube with these.



The Sugoman is one of the cheapest male sextoys on the market. Enjoy Toys cut every corner to deliver an ultimate low-price sextoy. Hence the material is not ultra super duper high quality, which negatively affects its lifespan, and the pleasure it can provide in optimal conditions. It doesn’t really mimic vaginal skin too well, it’s too coarse.

Lower quality material can smell weird, but this one gladly doesn’t smell. But the low quality shows, when you notice you can scratch little pieces of it with just your finger nails. Wear and tear forms relatively quickly as you ride Sugoman. I can’t see her last beyond ten fap sessions. This is a cheap throwaway onahole, for fappers that don’t want to keep their toys around for long.



I found the Sugoman a rough jerk. Imagine a blowjob from an asthmatic dog. You jam your prick between sharp canine teeth into a furry abyss between its jaws. You ram into its muzzle until the fangs have peeled off your foreskin. Due to the small size of the bitch, big black dicks should avoid this fuck. At the end of the fap, the law requires that you shoot it in the head, as it’s now tasted human blood, and will kill men indiscriminately. And by blood, I mean semen. You don’t want your dog getting cum addicted.

Seriously speaking, this onahole is trash. If you want a tiny as fuck throwaway hole, be my fucking guest, I don’t give a flying fuck you, or the perverted shit that you do with your cucked beta male cock. I hate you, and I want you to look my middle finger pointing at a wall. Fuck you.



Standard cleaning practices work fine with the Sugoman. After your session, you can pour water in the hole, to flush out the lube and cum. Towel dry the outside, use your fingers to scoop out the moist on the inside. Since this toy isn’t meant to last on you beyond a few days, you don’t have to worry about mold or bacteria. Pump and dump, just like in the ghetto.

Thank you so much to otonaJP for providing the Sugoman for my review. Below is the “bias banner”, as a symbol of our friendship. If they’re out of stock, visit hentai-onahole.moe for more retailers.


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