Onahole Shopper’s Buyer’s Guide

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The website

Blind adult toy shopping is like Russian roulette. Read my informative reviews, and you’ll live longer.

I created hentai-onahole.moe to make it easy to find dank adult products. I have no physical shop, I only review products. My site redirects you to experienced retailers.

Adult toys are always shipped discreetly in a customer’s address, in a brown cartboard box. Even your payment service will never show what you got.

What’s an onahole?

An onahole is a Japanese male sextoy. It’s a pussy, the material quality anti-bacterial rubber that feels like skin. Inside, she has ribs and bumps that accurately simulate a real woman’s vagina.

There are many onaholes, some modelled after porn stars, popular anime characters, some draw inspiration from fantasies. I recommend the hole Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole. She’s a hella tight loli pussy. Her special gimmick is a hymen that regenerates.

The best lube for holes is ToysHeart’s Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion; it stays fluid the longest.

The lifespan of onaholes is usually guaranteed at fifty uses, assuming you fuck them like an enraged monkey. In normal use, holes survive for years.

Cleaning your onahole is simple: put it under warm running water. Let the water pour out, finger the moist out. Store it somewhere in normal room temperature with ventilation. A locked drawer will do just fine.


Blind shopper’s guide

I can only vouch for products I’ve tested myself. If you decide to buy stuff I have not reviewed, consider my below pointers to increase your chances of getting fucktoys with satisfying designs!

Look for the famous brands: ToysHeart, Tamatoys, A-One, Tenga, MagicEyes.

It has to be sealed at the end, for the vacuum effect.

If the hole is double-ended (hole on both ends), it’s a coin flip whether it’ll be good.

Double holes (pussy and anus in one toy) are usually expensive, and they can easily be mediocre for the price.

The further the toy deviates from standard design, the less chance that the company executed it correctly.

If the onahole includes a vibrator, the vibrator will be loud, clunky, and out of place.

Show preference to toys made elsewhere than China, because fuck communism.

Be careful if the toy is advertised as simulating “deepthroat”, “boobjob”, “foot sex”, or anything else that’s not “anal” or “vaginal” sex. That’s the mark of an experimental design.

When you’re new to sextoys, it’s best to get in with a tight budget. As you learn more about the market, and the companies, you’ll make much better decisions.

Important: Don’t use soap for cleaning, or as lube

You cannot use soap as a lubricant, and most onaholes take damage if cleaned with soap. Some onahole materials can be cleaned with soap. My recommendation is to use warm water only.


About cleaning and drying

If you slack with cleaning, the onahole will become a spawning pool for bacteria, and mold. For cleaning you need warm water. For drying, equipment is needed. You can make a stick and cloth yourself, similar to a cotton wool bud people clean their ears with: scoop the leftover moist out. You can also buy the onahole maintenance kit, which has everything you need for thorough cleaning. You can also do what I do: go to your local apothecary, and buy a micro fiber glove. Scooping out the leftover moist becomes very easy with a glove.

Promotional codes

Write code OTAKU-CNQ, get 5% off at JLIST. Write it at checkout.


Shipping information

Sextoys are common online purchases. Respecting people’s privacy, retailers ship items courteously in brown cartboard boxes. Nowhere will it say on the box what you actually bought. Additionally, if you are buying loli onaholes, you can request that the retailer removes the box – this way, your package will make it through customs.

If you want your items shipped fast, with tracking and insurance, delivered at your home door, pick EMS Express Mail Service. If you want to wait for weeks or even months for your package to arrive, pick cheaper shipping.


Payment information

JLIST accepts Paypal and credit card.

ToyDemon accepts Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin.

KanojoToys accepts Paypal, credit card, wire transfer (Japan and Germany).

OtonaJP accepts Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin.

Nutaku accepts Paypal, credit card, SEPA, PlaySafeCard.

Click a button to a retailer, and make your purchases within 24 hours.


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