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As you load Nutaku’s site, you are flooded with images of cute and lewd anime girls, with also real-life girls and western-styled girls thrown in. While I usually base every decision in my life on how cute the girls are, there were simply too many girls to choose from, so I armed myself with recommendations from the good folks at Nutaku, and set to work. Oh, by the way, we review Nutaku games here for the $$$.


Osawari Island was one of the recommended games, so I decided to check it out first. In this game, you wash up on the shores of the titular Osawari Island, and after being saved by the Professor, you are introduced to the world of Eromon. If you can’t tell by the name, Eromon are a lot like Pokemon, in that you catch and collect them, and thrust them into battle. The key difference is that instead of monsters, you get really cute anime girls. While the whole “monster” thing has mostly stopped me from jerking off to Pokemon in the past, there’s absolutely nothing stopping me here!

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After a brief introduction explaining the world full of extreme eroticism, you’re thrown into a tutorial, where the Professor and her assistant, Ichigo, show you the ropes. They show you how your team works, how combat works, and all that good stuff. They make a man of you, and pronounce you fit to fight and to pleasure the Eromon.

Very soon into the tutorial though, I realised the battles themselves fall a little short. They don’t feature an awful lot of interaction, which seems to be a trend among the Nutaku games I’ve played. You mostly watch the Eromon go at each other, and not an awful lot else. Every quest I did after the tutorial, I didn’t even bother to watch. I just went back to writing this article and occasionally tabbed back to Osawari Island to click a textbox after my crew killed off some enemies all by themselves.

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There is some minor strategy thrown in, as you’re supposed to switch your Eromon out and do combo things, but I found it all kind of unnecessary. Just let them do their thing, and they’ll kill anyone in their path. The main interaction is the minigame to catch the Eromon, which consists of pressing a button and hoping your capture attempt is a success. If you’re successful, you get some new Eromon, potentially animal-themed, to train and eventually stick your dick inside. If you fail, then you don’t get shit, so suck it up.

Just sitting back and watching the fight doesn’t exactly make great gameplay, but you’re going to be spending the bulk of your time taking missions from the Professor and going into battle so you can get lovey-dovey hearts.


Lovey-dovey hearts are the key to the best parts of this game. When you’re not in battle, you can do standard RPG management things like assemble your party and upgrade your Eromon’s stats. This can be done in several ways, but arguably the most interesting is spending your lovey-dovey gems on enhancement. In addition to making your chosen Eromon more powerful, you also unlock Eromon voices and various scenes of increasing eroticism. You’ll start off doing small things to the various girls; things like giving them massages after a hard days work or some harmless groping between friends. As you keep enhancing, though, the scenes get progressively more hardcore, going from footjobs to full blown sex.


The porn is the best part of the game, and the main drive to keep playing. This should go without saying, as it’s literally a porn game, but in an RPG with admittedly and unfortunately boring combat, it’s nice that the sexy scenes hold up. The art is consistently good, despite there being an awful lot of CGs for an awful lot of characters, and there’s even some nice animations. The dialogue is short, which may be a problem if you’re someone who jerks off to dialogue full of onomatopoeias and wet noises, but for someone that rather jacks off to the imagery like me, it’s actually nice to not have to slog through the dialogue.


Osawari Island isn’t at all a bad game. I enjoyed playing it, despite a lot of things being somewhat subpar compared to other games, or even other Nutaku games I played. The things that are good are usually really good: the artwork is polished, the management side is fun, and there’s a variety of girls (over a thousand Eromon to bone!) to enhance and fool around with. However, fighting, the bulk of the game, and the only way you can get to the good stuff, is the weakest part. It’s tolerable at best, but if you don’t find that a problem it’s worth checking out for some Eromon action.

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