Overcome fear of rejection; close the distance


By conventional wisdom, distance in relationships, is important. Without distance, some connections will simply break. You can lose a friend, for saying the wrong thing. This happens because everybody has a public image, that hides behind it a lifetime of secrets. When you’re learning to know someone, you’re closing the distance between you and them. Suddenly their secrets start spilling out.

Why does this person behave the way they do? On every slip of the tongue, a piece of the puzzle falls into place. You will learn ugly things you weren’t expecting. Armors will crack. Some days, you will be so fatigued, you end up saying something nasty you later regret. Some days will feel so lovely, that out of the blue, you reveal something because you felt like sharing it. “I love penis!!” Oh shit, you’re out of the closet!

I am a different breed. I am not satisfied until I close the distance. If there is any friction in a relationship, I do the opposite of taking distance. I push, and I push, I willingly bring my relationships to the verge of breaking. When I choose someone, I come aggressively from every angle, until the fog of social deception is gone. I care not for the consequences of failure. I care not for rejection. Nothing deters me, when I want to connect with a mind.

Lingering in a relationship built on lies and diplomacy, will only damage you. The friction between you, the thorns, will carve you hollow. Words of rejection can sting like daggers. Learning of dark secrets is painful. Breaking up, leaves horrowing scars. But even when you fail, it is wasteful to linger in pain. Your life was never about them.

Life is the constant pursuit of connection. When your passion is not a person you love, but the passion to love, you have an endless supply of it. It will be pouring from every pore in your body. This passion fulfills you every moment of your days. It makes you shine like a blazing sun.

Getting rejected doesn’t matter. You gain memories, good and bad, that enrich your person, and make you more wholesome. You’re living life. Through many brief, and failed attempts at connection, you will find those incredible people who stick around with you. And they won’t be the last ones.

Who would not love a soul that has chosen to live life as an embodiment of compassion? There will always be souls that want you in their presence.

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