Political Correctness Is Emotional Abuse

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Written by Otaku Apologist

Self-employed, I’m always stressed out of my mind. The only silver lining is that I’m making money. Otherwise I feel horrendously full of anxiety, anger, total chaos.

Writing has always been my stress relief, but lately I’ve been scared to do that. I use humor and jokes to feel a release. But you can’t joke about anything, when humor has the power to point out absurdities in people’s solipsistic world views. Thanks to cleverly worded anti-freedom “hate speech laws”, pointing out insanities in people’s lifestyles is now officially a criminal offense.

Our political elite imposes on us a politically correct culture that’s supposed to protect vulnerable minorities from hate. But political correctness by design puts a massive mental strain on people. The common people who are indoctrinated into this brainwashing scheme take offense on the stead of others, thus forcing you to weigh the risks of saying anything to anybody. Utter anything that’s offensive to a special protected group, you can expect a parade of social justice warriors to spring from under some rock, to pound you into conformity. This climate of fear makes social interaction extremely stressful. And with the ongoing assault on internet free speech, the stress from everyday life has fewer and fewer accepted outlets for release, resulting in an explosion of mental health issues, and radicalism in society.

These self-serving sociopaths are not motivated by the common good. They are hustling for more voters. By importing people, creating pockets of minorities, who have no means of integrating into developed western societies, they are creating an expansive voting block of government-dependent voters. When these minorities fail to get a footing in the job market, they get stuck on welfare. And nobody receiving government welfare is going to protest against their “humanitarian wars”, or vote libertarian.

You’re not allowed to criticize liberal progressive politics, because it doesn’t take much effort to point people towards the facts, that what they’re doing, is only harmful to our societies.

You’re not supposed to think what to say. Your flow of consciousness doesn’t work well with road blocks. It’s extremely unhealthy when you have to be fearful of triggering outrage. Especially when you know the facts.

People who live in crappy neighborhoods, experience the full brunt of the consequences of failed politics. But this is what political correctness is designed for: To silence dissenters, make us easier to control.

Dictators hate comedians. Political correctness is dictatorial, and I don’t like it.

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