Positive mindset in a dark world


The video is from two of the world’s most successful pickup artists. When I was still a virgin, I used to hate their guts.

Negativity needs outlets. Maybe you’ve been taught that you can’t complain about things, or you hate others for complaining. But you can’t keep that in, or it eats you alive.

Even when there’s acts of terrorism, war, and other horrors taking place, you should always be walking on paths you’re committed to. Things will improve, maybe not immediately, not the short run, but in the long run. It takes patience. If you want to grow, and find success, you have only one option, which is to learn to respond to negative emotions, with action. That takes practice.

When you choose “fight” instead of “flight”, in situations where you’re facing all kinds of fucked up shit, you grow into a mindset of tenacity. Tenacity is core in the psychological framework of successful people.

Everybody that I know in the hentai industry, that’s really famous and rich, has faced adversity. The companies I advertise, have been in trouble. Some people that I work with, like my freelancers, had really shitty childhoods. It took them a small lifetime to grow from that, but when they did, there’s like nothing stopping them anymore. Those are the people I work with, who I grow with. Sometimes it seems, only the stronger people stay with me.

I’ve never fired anybody. I don’t exit relationships. I raise the standard up, where their fighting spirit needs to show up. When I see the light in them flare up, I reward them with my commitment, because I know that people who have learned lessons like that, are trustworthy. They are in tune with the spirit of empowerement, that doesn’t seek short-term gain from betrayal.

The path to positivity, starts from the bottom.

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