Press release: MangaGamer Releases Marina’s Cuckolding Report!

August 10th, 2017–MangaGamer Releases Marina‘s Cuckolding Report! Fans of NTR and Netorase won’t want to miss this brand new title!
One day when surfing the internet, Kenji Azuma comes across a site for men who love loaning their wives out to other men and finds himself incredibly turned on. He decides to ask his wife, Marina, if she would be willing to sleep with another man, and she agrees–on the condition that there’s no watching allowed, and Kenji will hear a report of what happened instead. For her partner, Marina chooses the adorably innocent and easily flustered college student Hiroto. Will everyone benefit equally from this “loan play,” or will Kenji find himself left behind?
Marina‘s Cuckolding Report: Sensitive Wife and Great Fuck College Student
Kenji Azuma is a married man with a wife and child. One day, he reads someone’s online account of their wife sleeping with another man, and it intrigues him.
What kind of sex would his wife, Marina, have with other men?
He decides that wants her to sleep with another man. Just once would be fine. At first, Marina refuses Kenji’s request, but she finally caves in to his enthusiasm and agrees do it JUST ONCE.
She chooses to “loan herself” to Hiroto, a college student a decade her junior. Hiroto’s the type of guy who triggers her maternal instinct. He has a habit of blowing his load quickly, but he’s proud of the fact that he can easily rebound and go multiple rounds.
At first, their agreement is only for a single time, but Kenji, Marina, and Hiroto all soon become addicted. Eventually, the explicit wife-loaning  play escalates to extremes, like bareback sex and all-night “loan-outs”…
Marina‘s Cuckolding Report: Sensitive Wife and Great Fuck College Student
Developer: Atelier Sakura
Genre: Adventure
Price: $19.95
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese
Age Rating: 18 and over
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