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Heyyyyyyyyy everyone!! Are you here..? Hello?

FINALLY!!! I have good news to share!

After over 12 months of soul-sucking work, our business model is FINALLY fixed. Money is flowing into our coffers from multiple great advertisers, from several websites, and social media accounts. A couple of my gambles worked out, and financial stability is now a privilege we enjoy.

The new writing staff consists of Milkmaster, HakuTheKing, Haruka Nami, and myself. A couple more names may be joining us. I’m currently training the staff, plus writing up a contract form that will hopefully make things more organized this time.

Salaries, and the workload, are realistic now.

I finally figured out what tasks I can outsource, and what I can’t. Things like paysite reviews, press releases, editorials, world news, etc. are things I have to handle myself. I’m planning to outsource mostly reviews of commercial visual novels.

We are going to focus on commercial releases first, but down the line we will explore covering non-commercial games, and other hentai media, geek movies, whatever people are interested in reading. First order of things is to get lots of commercial Nutaku games added into my store.

The big issue that plagued our operation was our reliance on JLIST. While JLIST ranks among the best anime-merch retailers, their lack of user reviews was a problem. JLIST also has competitors. I had to employ the full-course meal marketing mix, to push people in one direction, which drained my energy from the writing, and editing work. Hentai-onahole.moe took care of the problem: reviewed products are added into the store, with multiple retailers for fans that want to explore their options.

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The issues of journalistic ethics, and branding, are tentatively solved as well. I’m studying lots of things, and working on our philosophy. I’ve realized that these things are not so complicated. With so many stakeholders, from fans, to advertisers, to staff, fitting together the self-interests of everyone involved, is the heart of running a news business. Freedom of speech is a relative concept, when you have to consider the needs, and feelings of other people. There are always going to be limits.

Occasional world news are now included in the news mix. I struggled with myself long and hard, on whether we should cover news unrelated to our main subject matter. But, as I have observed, there is a huuuuge propaganda war happening right now, and I can’t stay out of it. We have massive state censorship being rolled out, to destroy the internet as we know it. The stakes are too high, and every blog and news outlet needs to be involved. I’ve done my research, and white genocide is not a meme, immigration is a total racket, the European Union is a crony capitalist plot, the United Nations is a new world order framework, Trump is the God emperor, social justice groups are funded by billionaires, the Illuminati is fucking real.

With world news, the coverage will be as accurate as I can make it, but with hentai coverage, we won’t be branding ourselves as super duper ethical as fuck. Neither will we write lies, and reviews will be truthful. None of the companies whose products we talk about generally give a shit if they get bashed. Covering some of the retarded fuckshittery that Nutaku pulls off, we have to be more careful with, because of our reliance on them. But, with a little bit of diplomacy, we should be safe from major issues.

Hentai game reviews, and other coverage are restarting. Please keep visiting, and spread articles you liked to friends.

What else? OH! If you want to submit reviews, or news tips, criticisms, etc., please email me at [email protected]

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    You’re retarded and none of this will work out for you because you’re insane on top of that. Commit yourself, not to work but to a mental institution.

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