Retailer of Japanese goods, Samurai Buyer abuses workers?


I have been casually following an independent western manga artist nicknamed Merry. Today, I read one of his tweets talking about a company I learned of only recently, Samurai Buyer. I caught Merry’s tweet (made with twitlonger software). I won’t link to the Samurai Buyer store, or their twitter, as to not provide them more advertising than necessary. Memorize the name Samurai Buyer, and read below what they have allegedly done. You can also click the link below to read the twitlonger message, assuming it’s still there.

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samurai buyer shit

DON’T BUY FROM @Samurai_Buyer / @Misaki_Homie. Please read the full thing and RT

I’m sorry this is so long. It gets worse the further you read. At the end I’ll explain why you shouldn’t buy from Samurai Buyer as they will unethically charge you way too much.

You can come talk with me about this on discord or add me on skype.
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Please, please, please read all of it, since the context is very important. What Misaki did was downright sociopathic.

I quit my job as a sales manager in the Telenor Group in Scandinavia, because I was invited to move to Japan and work for Samurai Buyer. I loved all the memes made about Misaki, and iDubbbz had advertised a position as a Social Media Marketing Manager for the company, which was my dream job.

Within 3 months, I had taken their Twitter from 1,000 followers to 14,000. Everything seemed so nice that I took a chance and moved from Tokyo to Fukuoka to work in their office. Every day I interacted with customers, and fans of iDubbbz who had come to know us. I made all the jokes and memes, and I practically WAS Misaki’s internet presence for all of 2017 until now. That’s when things started to get worse.

It was my first time in a Japanese office so I was obviously very nervous. Misaki would often refuse to communicate with me, acting very cold and distant, so I became very paranoid. Nevertheless I designed their subscription box which we called the Misaki Meme Box, had the company’s new mascot designed, and created all marketing slogans, and marketed it myself on social media. After that, and Lost Pause uploading a video advertising it, we managed to reach the goal Misaki had asked me to achieve for the whole month, in just 2 working days and a weekend.

I didn’t like feeling paranoid in the office all the time, so I moved back to Tokyo.

When I arrived in Tokyo, Misaki had overnight deleted all of my company accounts, my company email, my chatwork. He had even removed me from all work related Skype groups, and taken away my access to the company twitter and facebook. Without saying a word.

I had only ever done what Misaki told me. I never did anything he told me not to, and had he told me not to do something, I would naturally never have done it.

I had every reason to expect a steady job, especially when he encouraged extending the duration of my stay in Japan. Had it not been for my wonderful readers, I would be in huge financial trouble due to him ousting me from the company. I’m not even sure I would be able to get home to Denmark, as I had rescheduled my plane ticket to leave in June rather than March, and I couldn’t change it again.

So naturally I freaked out, started calling Misaki and everyone in the company. Nobody would respond, until Misaki suddenly did, by saying I had broken the company rules (which I had never been told) by self-promoting by mentioning my own Twitter on the company’s Twitter.

Even though HE TOLD ME I COULD DO IT! He told me I could share my comic to the Twitter all I wanted!

What then ensued was me constantly trying to get answers from him, and him just sarcastically responding with emojiis and childish mockery.

He then sent me DM’s from the official company Twitter pretending to be a new employee replacing me, with mocking emojiis.

He kept mocking me while I was in complete panic, and shell-shocked as months of hard work and effort was being ruined by a man currently laughing in my face…

At that point a friend of mine told me to tell him to start communicating with me about this properly, or I would be forced to make a video. This is his response:

Then, a very popular friend of mine who I don’t want to name, told Misaki that she refused to work with him due to how he is treating me and screwing me over. In response he threatened to call a lawyer on me.

The chat continued with him using this mocking tone with me:

You might think; “Oh that’s just Misaki. He’s a goofy Japanese guy who speaks bad English.”
Response: No. He’s a very westernized man who has lived in Australia for years, and speaks perfect English. He pretends to be bad at Japanese to make Youtubers want to promote the site without asking for money.

You might ask; “Why does Misaki have a picture of Scandinavian flags as his profile picture?”
Response: He changed it once he started mocking me, to a picture of all Scandinavian flags without the Danish flag (My flag). I have no idea why.

The entire bad English thing stems from when Misaki was initially trying to get youtubers to promote the website for free, he made an African employee spam any Youtuber he could. iDubbbz was the one to find the bad English entertaining, and did it for free with his unboxing series.

Misaki will constantly pester youtubers to do youtube videos for free, in order to maximize profits of the company, and keep his position as CMO (Corporate Marketing Officer) so he can get a paid vacation to America, and an expensive apartment.


If you buy from Samurai Buyer’s website you’re automatically signing a terms of service that allows them to charge you a mystery amount of money 1-2 weeks later. The price you pay at first will not be the full price, and people have been charged as much as $50 for shipping, on top of the items price and the service fee.

Then why aren’t there tons of negative reviews saying exactly that? THERE ARE!
Here are some:

Samurai Buyer pays for likes (they have 80,000 likes but only an average of 10 likes per post), and probably pays for positive reviews as well, as the positive reviews are always either no words at all, or super brief like this:

You can of course get a refund for the shipping fee. BUT NOT FOR THE ITEM OR SERVICE FEE! They will keep the item and keep the service fee you paid them to buy the item for you.

That item then goes directly into the subscription boxes being sold for $50 Dollar, making the company profit.

Here’s a brief summary.

>You buy an item for $10
>Service fee is $4
>After weeks they suddenly charge at least $20 in shipping.
>Total price is now $34 for something the website said was $14.
>They will refund the shipping, but keep the item.
>Samurai Buyer now got a free item to resell, and $4 in service fees.

I tried my very best to be a good employee, I worked as hard as I could to grow their social media. I always did everything Misaki told me, even when it wasn’t at all a part of my contract or job description, because I genuinely wanted to turn the company good with the subscription box I made. Here’s the socialblade for Twitter followers before and after Misaki ousted me.

I recall one time Misaki wanted me to research about beauty vloggers so he could advertise expensive cosmetics. When I tried hinting that I wouldn’t do good at that job, since I’m a Social Media Manager, and not very equipped for that type of research, he started kicking my chair. It seemed like he was joking, but he then started interrupting me “What did you say? What did you say?”

Him doing that in front of all my collegues in the middle of the office, was humiliating, and I still remember it vividly. It’s like he was mocking me, looking down at me, and trying to shut me up by humiliating me all at once.

After I left Fukuoka, it seems Misaki figured out he could just make up an excuse to fire me, since I had already finished all my best promotional work and laid out an easy marketing plan that he could follow, while relying on Youtubers like Lost Pause and Maxmoefoe doing free promotion.

I wish to God that we could have just sat down and had a calm conversation about it. We could have walked away as friends, but instead once he felt I wasn’t useful anymore, he tossed me away, spit in my face, and mocked me, like a sociopath.

Only when I started saying bad things in my Discord Chat about the company, did he come back with this.
“We apologize that you feel that way. So please stop saying bad things in Discord.”

Unfair dismissal, at least in Europe, is illegal.
I’m however not a Japanese Citizen, and I don’t think it would be worth the hassle to take any legal steps.

But I wanted everyone to know not to buy from Samurai Buyer. Buy from a good, ethical place like J-List or AmiAmi. If you’re looking for a subscription box, then go with AnimeBento or Akibento.

Now that I’ve said all of this, I’m sure Misaki is going to find a way to spread lies about me, or make up new reasons as to why I was fired. Please don’t believe them. It’s just a way to discredit me. The real reason is that he wanted the profits to himself and didn’t want to spend anymore money on a social media manager when that person had already laid out the work for cheaper alternatives to take over.

That is fair. But the way he handled it was unethical, unfair, immature, unprofessional, and a complete mockery of everything I worked for months on, for a company I thought would treat me with at least a tiny bit of respect.

I’m so thankful that I have such awesome readers who are willing to support me. If it weren’t for them, I would have to beg this sociopath to take me back, and lick his boots, or I would be in financial ruin with no way of getting back to Denmark. Thank you so much, and please, never buy from Samurai Buyer.

I originally didn’t wanna post this, but they’re going around slandering me so reporters wont listen to me, and other companies wont hire me, by saying I was racist and “arguing with my coworkers”. Complete fabrication and they refuse to show any of the chatlogs they have that they claim is proof.


Cactustit/Corbin, an employee at Samurai Buyer, was previously backing every word I said, even making a statement on Discord. Misaki had refused to pay him, but then suddenly Misaki magically agreed to pay him everything and he released a full statement about me full of lies, like how I apparently constantly argued with other employees despite there being no chatlogs of that ever happening, and is a complete fabrication, and Misaki never mentioned it to me when he ousted me from the company.

He also goes on about how I got angry at him for the ways he tweeted at customers, which is natural when he would tell customers shit like “Cum in my bummy” out of nowhere.

Here is his statement before getting paid off:

Here is his statement AFTER getting paid off:

For some reason he convinced some journalist to go against him based on complete heresay. This guy has no proof of what he’s saying, and I have proof backing everything I’m saying.

After being called out, Corbin has retracted the statement, apologizing, and admitting he has no proof and doesn’t actually know whether it’s true or not.


Several claims have been made about why I was fired. Here are the details:


Merry was fired for self promoting.
I have screenshots showing Misaki said I was allowed to do it. Refer to earlier in this post.

Merry was fired for arguing with other employees.
Never happened and they refuse to show the screenshots they claim are proof.

Merry was fired for being racist on Twitter.
Misaki never asked me not to do it, and I was constantly encouraged to go as far as i want “like iDubbbz”. He held a great speech convincing me to quit my job and move to Japan, by saying there are no limits in marketing for Samurai Buyer. Misaki found what I posted on the Twitter funny and I would always ask permission before posting something over the line, but Misaki always said yes, so I stopped doing it after a while, and he never asked me to remove anything.

Merry laid out all the work and Misaki wanted to market it by himself so he can get an expensive trip to America. Once Merry had already done all the marketing work set up for Misaki, Misaki like a regular sociopath, didn’t care about him anymore so just spammed him emojiis and sent him DM’s from the official company twitter taunting him.


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