Ruby Striker

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Fetishes: Tentacles, domination, virgin, creampie, triple penetration, cum swallow, whipping, orgasm control, big boobs, serial orgasms.

Style of sex: Non-consensual hardcore domination.

Ruby striker is hardcore tentacle porn. The game is a cheap tasty romp where a heroic virgin gets fucked and stuffed with liters of semen. She gets absolutely carnally destroyed with no hope of escape from her prison of flesh. Why does this happen? The galactic villain Zodiac wants to force something called a “Jewelstar” out of Ruby. Hence, he decides to put the woman through mind-blowing pleasure, because sex is apparently the same as torture. There are no story sequences here, only scenes of Ruby getting milked, thrust in, whipped, all the while Zodiac taunts her.

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Ayana Sumoto does a brilliant job as Ruby: Her desperate screams of pleasure are blissful to hear. She sounds exactly as young, proud and sexually inexperienced as her character. For anyone with a fetish for domination, Ruby Striker delivers. The poor girl gets put through so many orgasms, she grows addicted to being pumped.

The art is colorful and detailed. Ruby looks curvy and womanly, though her stature is rather stout – her body fits wholly into the screen. A single playthrough of the game is quite short (~2 hours), so it has to pack as much value as possible. Seeing Ruby’s whole voluptuous body and the droplets of sweat and semen running down her butt cheeks counts as value in my book.

The translation is average. The language is decent for the most part, but flawed. The writing does pass a spell check, but words are some times used oddly. Some descriptions don’t make a lick of sense. Some sentence structures get recycled more than they should. Download at Mangagamer.

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