Sakura Nova: Fuckable Femme Fatales

sakura nova

Sakura Nova is a voice-acted supernova in your pants.

Are you ready for amazing next generation graphics, innovative gameplay, a captivating story, and a vast open world not limited to less than a hundred pictures? Of course you don’t, you just want to jerk off to still images of anime girls.

Sakura Nova’s big breasted knights provide a good two hours of eroticism for your genitals to enjoy. So buckle up and gaze on animu tits, for motivation to pick this game up if you haven’t already.


Winged Cloud, with the help of Sekai Project, is at it again. On the 5th of October 2016, they released Sakura Nova, another title into the ever-expanding Sakura series. Since the year 2014, Winged Cloud has released over 20 games, most of them featuring girls of the same body types and faces, over and over again. And what makes this game different from its previous, numerous installments? This time around, there’s actual professional Japanese voice acting.

Two busty, slutty knights are working to graduate knight school. The sex scenes start early, and are sprinkled in ample doses throughout the story. This is a visual novel intended to induce sexual arousal. The moans and orgasm-slurred monologues of the girls are a huge part of it. But, this is Winged Cloud’s first time having their characters voiced, and it helps paint more of a picture in your mind than their previous titles. So, get your surround sound supporting headphones and get ready for incredible ear sex. You have three routes to choose from, and lots of cooches to fill with baby cream.

This review will focus mostly on the sex scenes, because beyond a plot point, where Mikage’s father is injured on the battlefield, the characters mostly just go out for training exercises and dates.

sakura nova

In Sakura Nova, you play as Mikage Shinzaki, a young strapping lad with a functional penis. You are the son of Zero, the strongest knight in the kingdom. No, you don’t get to see any father-son incest action in this title – pity. Mikage is teamed up with Kaguya Setsuna and Arisa Moegihara.

Kaguya is a red-haired girl from a rich family. She is borderline autistic in her inability to express emotions like a normal person. Arisa, unlike Kaguya, acts normally but is way too open about her sexual feelings for someone trying to care for her siblings and her sickly mother. The trio are put together by their teacher, Reika, in order for them to learn the importance of teamwork. And of course, this is a bad idea, because almost immediately they start to fuck. They definitely learn how to work like an extremely tight-knit team, strengthening their bonds through rigorous training sessions, exchange of bodily fluids, and the motivational speeches from Mikage.

Shortly after the first fight scenes and story sequences, the girls move in with you. Penis meets pussy, it’s love at first sight. There are three routes in this novel, one for both girls and the obligatory harem ending. I chose Kagura’s route first because the innocent ones are the most fun to corrupt. Also, who doesn’t like long purple hair on a developed young woman? Blonde is too norm for my tastes. I won’t give away any spoilers for the game, I’ll just post my favorite line from her route.


The full professional Japanese voice acting deserves repeated mentions, because it was a very nice touch in this game. It really added into the sex scenes with the actresses’ moans and shrieks practically stabbing your dick through your ears. And they really sold the final orgasm scream each time. Not that all games really need a metric fuck load of moaning that sounds like 500 People Having Sex DVD available at JLIST.

The soundtrack really hits the mark in the scenes. Calm tones play during slow dialog scene with the girls, tense music in the dungeon, battle music during a fight, and bass-heavy sultry music when Mikage is pumping his seed into some wombs. Only issue I found with the music, was that the tracks don’t loop properly; they complete their run for sure, but then stop abruptly, and rewind to the beginning like there was no pause.

There are plenty of fights against monsters, but you don’t exactly experience them in any visually dynamic way. You click through the still image slides and read the descriptions. You click, click, click, while enjoying the music tracks, and the girls speaking softly into your ear. The trio take on a water serpent spirit, a demon, a dragon… they even engage a classic hentai trope tentacle beast, with expected results: mild monster bondage sex.

It is actually curious that Winged cloud got away with adding a tentacle scene into their game. After all, tentacle porn is considered bestiality, and is outlawed on many of the more conservative states of the United States. As of time of writing, Nutaku remains cucked by the United States banking service and penal code. How a tentacle scene slipped by the moral censors, is a curious question… although, as is the rule in hentai game journalism, whenever in doubt, just shrug and say “supply and demand”.


Battle with the tentacle beast was actually one of the longest in the game, because it tied in with a sex scene. Since this game comprises of only pictures with text, it’s not as glamorous on screen as it sounds when described. Mikage basically just watches his damsels in distress as their clothes get torn and their bodies groped, oh, and their holes get sloppily plugged up. And only after the creature makes the girls orgasm, does he make his move, of course. After he finishes off the monster, the trio heads back home, the girls naked. They have a minor celebration.

The lusty scenes of Sakura Nova are, as you can expect from a visual novel, unanimated pictures that you gawk at and jerk to. However, the voice acting is where they get you with all the HYYAAAN’s and AAAAGGNN~’s. The voices are done so well, it left a good impression on me. Makes me feel hopeful for the quality of the sequels. There isn’t any real variation or sex position changes during sex scenes. You get a normal, and cumshot version of the slides.

The length of the sex scenes is just right – not too long to get boring, but long enough to get the job done. From the interface, you can toggle on auto-play, making the story move forward without further input, which allows you to free both of your hands. There’s one scene that I didn’t think the game would actually do, but it did. You know, the whole “I accidentally fell and stripped you, oh no, what ever shall happen now” – scenario. I came to that one.

Lastly, an endorsement: Nutaku has made their mission to provide uncensored releases of hentai games fully localized, the adult scenes intact. Valve’s Steam offers these games too, but each time you are forced through the hurdles of finding and installing a sex restoration patch. Additionally, all of Nutaku’s games are free of DRM. You buy it, you own it. After downloading the zip file, you unpack it with a free zip program, and the game is ready.

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Our Rating

Voice Acting8
Japanese Moaning10

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