Sengoku Providence releases globally on Nutaku


New anime browser game on Nutaku.

Released globally December 15, Sengoku Providence is a turn-based medieval JRPG for your internet browser. It follows the usual patterns that Nutaku’s DMM Group localizations fall into. There’s a stamina system, the premium currency, you’re collecting things, et cetera.

Sengoku Providence

The main plot takes place in feudal Japan. Some crazy mystic gems appeared that can be infused with women. Gems gave the women powers which they used to dominate the battlefields, and then politics. Gender roles are reversed, and you command a squadron of cute anime girls that go out and hit some shit for XP, resources, and the occasional nude scene. Within five minutes of booting up the game I was getting some titty.

Gameplay is simple. You send out a squad of girls to fight, they take turns hitting the enemies with your choice of who and what attack. You win, you get experience and resources to improve your girls. You lose, and Tyrone from down the street fucks your ass. Its alright, though. You literally can’t lose at this game.

Sengoku Providence

The music is neat as shit. There’s a sick guitar riff when you win a round, and the ambient music is pleasent. This is no no goddamn Shadow of the Colossus OST, but its definitely a step up from the usual tunes you sometimes hear in these games.

Best part? This game has actual voice acting. That’s right, you don’t only have to listen to boring as fuck loops of the same tunes over and over again. These “legendary fighters” grunt and moan when they attack and get smacked. Plus, when the time comes to get your dick wet, they actually react and moan. I don’t speak this filthy ching chong language, but even I know what “chin chin” means.

It’s easy, quick, and entertaining. Even my simple lizard brain could handle this stuff, and I’m on so many drugs I piss the rainbow. If you need something to play and don’t want to fork over the cash, check out Sengoku Providence.

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