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It’s been a while. This is the admin speaking. Doxy cut our funding last I wrote. He said he had new plans for VGHustler, that have not come to pass. There is still a chance he’ll repurpose the site, but for now, things seem stable.

I don’t technically own VGHustler, which makes me eternally insecure about fully committing to the project. Hence I’m focusing first on my own sites, where I have full control. Hopefully I can start paying the writers myself sometime during summer. Milkmaster, Trapmaster, and Freaky Eddie are still writing, though I’m drip feeding them the gigs, to not go bankrupt.

Since autumn 2014, my life has been indescribable. Everything has happened so fast, it feels like time itself is accelerating. My days and nights are spent in loneliness, tapping at my laptop keyboard trying to make this work. A few too many times, there’s been a setback that set the house of cards on fire. If you didn’t know, around the same time my precious tumblr was banned, VGHustler got into trouble. My mother lost her job, and we had to relocate. We left behind the house which had been our home for 20 years. It’s been an uphill struggle since, and a dark journey emotionally.

Frankly, I am emotionally flatlined. The explosive drive that brought me quick, escalating success, in the forms of money, powerful connections, and thousands upon thousands of fans, has depleted into a blip. It’s been nothing but a hollow slugfest since Summer 2016.

I have dealt with personal losses, and debilitating emotional, and health issues, ever since childhood. Fact that I got so far, in such a short time, weighed down by two decades of trauma, was not a miracle, but my willpower in action. Just, it’s not enough to do good, in the context of circumstances. You have to excel.

I haven’t felt a moment of rest for years. I wanted my life back, to feel the vigor of youth in my veins, and conquer the world before fuel runs out. I wanted to raise a successful company, get a girlfriend, move out, and enjoy my existence again. I will get there, only the time table has changed. After all, there are people in worse situations than me. I have no excuse to suck ass.

We will be cross-posting our latest reviews from my wordpress hentai blog, assuming Doxy doesn’t execute whatever plans he has. Regardless of whether he does, I am working towards establishing the foundations of my own operation, to be independent. The comics you’ve been seeing, are part of that plan. I somehow managed to nail four affordable, talented, hard-working artists. We have completed two projects together, and are working on another two.

Just today, we completed the 10th page of “Knee-Deep in Pochaco”. You can see all the pages here.

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Everything we draw, will be free. The business model is to use free digital distribution, as marketing for my websites, and eventually nail a supporting fanbase that enables the operation financially. If you want to help, I encourage you to visit my webstore

I dreamed of running a hentai review website, and even wrote a business model for one in 2014. It was nothing like VGHustler turned out to be. Truth be told, I won’t be pursuing the path we walked, not without educated adjustments. It’s irrelevant to me whether we ultimately keep building this site, or I start my own. First things first, I need my comic business running, alongside the hentai blogging.

When my business is financially stable, capable of funding a full-time writing staff, I will restart my investment into content creation. Hopefully I can inspire Doxy to contribute too, though perhaps his contribution should be less about financing. I’ll talk to him.

If you want to stay up to date about the comics, pictures, articles, you name it, punch the hyperlinked tentacle girl.00001

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