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From the company that made Kangoku Senkan and Taimanin Asagi.

Lilith visual novels have a formula: women of stature are forced into humiliating non-consensual sex, and brainwashed into whores. Space Pirate Sara has all the markings of a Lilith game: Corrupt oligarchs, sexual depravity, body modification, multiple bad endings. In all these respects, the game delivers and excels. The average visuals are the only lacking feature of the package.

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Sara Scorpion, or “Pirate Knight Sara”, belongs to the noble house of the Scorpion. She is the last living member of house Scorpion, and her blood gives her the right to the Milky Way empire’s throne. Her family was murdered by the mysterious Gielen twins who raped Sara and burned her planet. The twins also stole the ancient sword that proves Sara’s lineage. 10 years later, as the Pirate Knight is scouring the solar system to reclaim the sword, she is lured into a trap by the Gielen twins. The twins know that if they can make Sara their puppet, they can rule the solar system as sister and big sister!

The milieu is the planet Caribbean, a tourist resort ruled by the Gielen twins. Oligarchs of the Milky Way visit Caribbean for sex parties and relaxation. The Gielen twins humiliate Space Pirate Sara in public rapes. Sara is forced her through many modifications and dirty orgasms; she grows physically addicted to the raping.

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Sara’s escape hinges on Hans; her trusted lieutenant who plans to steal back Sara’s family sword. With the sword, she could slay the twins and break free. Every night Hans sneaks into the vault that holds the twins’ treasure collection. Each stage has a multiple-choice riddle to solve – not something you often see in eroge. It’s a race against time as Sara is quickly converting into a willing human sex toy… and she already has a buyer waiting.

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I did not like the music. I had issue with the sex music especially. While fit for the rape theme, it has several annoying parts. I had no trouble masturbating while listening to the audio, but still.

The game is relatively short. Each scene’s content is sprinkled between three routes. One fapthrough is about ten hours. I failed one or two riddles in my playthrough, so instead of escaping, Sara became a sex puppet. Sad story.

The voice acting is beautiful. Sara’s voice is really hot, but it’s the twins that steal the show. The Gielen twins sound devilishly cute: they emanate this perverted psychotic innocence mixed with unapologetic lust. Without a shred of shame, they drive Sara through the sexual gutter. Download at MG.



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  1. Ryumoau 9 March, 2016 at 01:39 Reply

    I know this might sound awful but i love rape fantasies. So hearing you describe them in this review got me turned on. 🙂

    • OtakuApologist 11 March, 2016 at 21:41 Reply

      There´s nothing weird about rape fantasies. Many people have them, men and women. Just reading Tumblr you can see so many blogs about crazy fantasies. People are turned on by things that are dangerous, disgusting, horrifying, extreme. Our brains are built to react to stimulus, and it seeps into our sexuality. It is also healthy for your brain to explore “triggering material”. It actually prevents dementia, did you know? 😀

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