Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise

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This game is perverted.

Starless is massive. Everything that studio Empress has produced afterwards has paled in comparison to this monolith of eroticism. The original Japanese release took five years to complete, and the uncensored English translation was another three years. But it’s finally here.Yukito Sawatari is a college student on summer vacation. He’s just gotten a car license but can’t afford a car. He’s looking for job openings from magazine ads, and finds one for a servant position in the Mamiya manor. He calls the number in the ad and lands himself an interview. Next day, he packs his bags and rides a taxi to the mountains, the location of the Mamiya residence.

Very soon after arriving at the manor, Sawatari’s job interview begins, and he is pushed to his sexual limits. His endurance, libido, the taste of his semen and the G-forces of his ejaculations are all tested. The three mistresses introduce themselves sexually in three exhausting back-to-back scenes, wringing him dry. And that’s just the start.

The dialog treats the reader like a punching bag. Near every sentence the Mamiyas spout is explosively sexual to an uncomfortable degree. The Mamiya women have no qualms talking about topics like orgasms, the joys of anal sex, prostate milking or problems with constipation.


(When a threesome is foreplay,  it’s a hell of a ride ahead.)

The fetishization of bodily excretions is prevalent throughout the story. Sweat, piss, cum and poo are part of human life, and in Starless, they’re often part of the sex. While cum and piss sprays are plentiful, JAST USA recognized that logs of shit flying from asses would turn more people away than draw them in, thus they removed the shit, along with select bestiality scenes and couple of the more hardcore endings. These portions can all be restored with a fan-made patch – you can find the patch through VNDB.org.

The Mamiyas are filthy rich. Mistresses Marie, Marisa and Marika do nothing but fuck around all day every day. The entire story premise is built to enable a supply of sex scenes so vast they feel endless. Starless is pure porn, even as potential for a more serious story lie below the surface.

As customary for visual novels, the plot branches depending on your choices. The more eager you are to please a particular mistress, the more scenes you will have with her. Your relationship with the character will also tighten, which is reflected in the dialog. You can also romance the maids.

Personally, I played as a determined, never-surrender kind of guy. To every question about whether I’m planning to quit halfway, I answered a stern ”fuck no”. I also expressed fierce loyalty to Marie, the Mamiya clan head, which led to lots of intimate scenes with her.


(Why should a scene conclude at the first orgasm?)

Starless plays like a catalogue of fetishes. Each scenario starts out simple: For example, it can start with Sawatari receiving a blowjob, but then it escalates. Toys come to play, then sex drugs, then prostate massage. The poor boy’s testicles are milked to the very last drop in every scene involving him. The game doesn’t just test your sensibilities, it rams you with a stream of scenarios so extreme they shock and awe.

The story branches, but the narrative is linear. Every morning, Sawatari wakes up to the beeping of his alarm clock. There’s a day rhythm which is used to recycle images. For example, I had to dress lady Marisa and drink her piss every morning. Recycled scenes get short towards the end.

As an artist, Sei Shoujo has few inhibitions, but his definite preference for mature, experienced women is prevalent throughout the story. This shows in the choice of voice actresses, as none of the strong female characters sound like little girls. These are women, not girls.

cum milfs starless

The art is colorfully exquisite, although Sei Shoujo’s style places more emphasis on consistency than liveliness. His professional perfectionism shows in every single piece, and there’s no lack of heart evident. I enjoyed every bit of the visuals, but will admit, my preference is for art that’s more fluid and chaotic, like the oil-painted style of Littlewitch Romanesque.

See the cute Youtube trailer!

The original Japanese audio censors the words ”dick” and ”pussy”, which are replaced with faint bleeps. I found this a little annoying. Soundtrack sets the mood well, but there aren’t many alternate tracks. Because I’ve striven to blog about every scene unlocked on my playthrough, I’ve listened the songs on hours-long loops. I’m still able to like most of them!

This game is the absolute most hardcore stuff on the market. Buy it at JLIST.


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