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Liked Taimanin Asagi? This one comes close.

Valkyrie Svia is visual novel by infamous Black Lilith, is hardcore sexual domination fap fodder, published in English in 2014 by Mangagamer. The story is of two heavenly battlemaidens called Valkyrie Svia and Valkyrie Sigurd, are captured by an army of demons and monsters. The story is set in a world of Norse mythology. The women are brought down to the keep of Loki, the betrayer god. There, the two virgin warrior girls are imprisoned… and sexually tortured. It’s the yummy Black Lilith fuck-till-mindbreak formula.


The sex scenes are standard Black Lilith debauchery where the girls are given mind-wracking carnal delight, and their primness is peeled off, chip by chip. They howl and plead for mercy in the grips of orgasms their bodies have never felt before. Slowly, they grow chronically addicted to it (how else!). First scene, the women see a glimpse of their dark future: The captured leader of the valkyries, Freya, is giving head to the disgustingly ugly Jottnar commander Flunguruni. The once proud Valkyrie sucks and rubs a demonic load out of him, paying no mind to the audience she has. It’s slut training success.


The erotic dynamic hinges on the girls being disconnected from their sexuality. Svia and Sigurd are like overworked business ladies that never reserve time to even masturbate, let alone date. The villains pump these strong independent women chock-full of aphrodisiac and gang bang them scene after scene after scene.

The game is a “nukige”; a story of increasingly depraved sex scenes. One scene has the virginal Svia endure a tentacle assault, an anal rape and creampie, another scene has upside-down spit roasting, more tentacle action, forced blowjobs, and even public cum eating.


The context to this fap fodder is that the world tree Yggdrassil is dying. The father god Odin was captured by Hel’s forces. He sealed off the water that nourishes the world tree. Imagine economic sanctions on a blacklisted state, ie. North Korea! Svia and Sigurd hold in their wombs the keys to saving Yggdrassil. To get the keys out, they must be corrupted with sex, according to a plot-convenient prophecy. Why they can´t cut the girls open is beyond my comprehension – the villains have no morals that would stop them, so I don´t know.

Sigurd´s sex scenes are the same on each playthrough. Svia on the other hand always gets three options for what she´s put through. Depending on your choices, the game can end in multiple ways.

Music: The instrumental music is okay, I can hear the cool ideas the producers had. The pieces just don´t come alive in a way that would make you feel, like anything. The songs are memorable still, but there´s a lack of a strong identity. The songs are also aesthetically unfit for a story set in medieval Norse mythological world.

Sex scenes: Each scene has at least 3 alternates, usually showing the girls marinated in more and more cock juice. Some scenes have two CGs with alternates.

Voice acting: The voice acting takes the cake. Both actresses have strong voices, and they know their moans and yelps and muffled screams. When Svia rejects Loki, saying things like “over my dead body”, she does so with a honey-voice trickling with a melodic, hateful tone. It´s yummy, sadistic pleasure.

Art: The lines are sharp and the coloring spot on. Textures like armor seem hard and shiny, while hair looks soft and wild, looking much more realistic than the trite anime hair you often have to endure seeing.

Translation: The text has some notable hiccups. For example, in the very beginning, you see misspelled words like “solider” (soldier).

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