Why Socialists And Pedophiles Rule The Earth

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IMAGE: Leader of Russian communist revolution, Vladimir Lenin, standing next to Joseph Stalin, the brutal socialist dictator that ruled the Soviet Union between 1920-1953, Stalin was one of the greatest mass murderers in history.

Socialism is an inefficent debt-based economic model, that produces crappy public services with money stolen from people at gun-point. In exchange for giving up your money to the gang of sociopaths in your government, your grandchildren can enjoy a lifetime of poverty. Socialist politicians promise “free healthcare, free education, more public sector jobs”, financed with theft.

Socialists believe that the less productive peoples of a society need government assistance, to level the playing field. This is the moral justification for the tax-funded welfare system: The poor are just as smart as everybody else. They just need free money, from the productive population.

The below video illustrates why socialists support “hate speech” laws, to avoid debates.

The core problem of socialism, is that society’s resources are entrusted to the government, that’s then supposed to make good decisions about their use. Socialists naively assume that the government will be trustworthy, transparent, and have the best interests of the people in mind.

However, even on the basic conceptual level, socialism doesn’t work. It doesn’t work, because not even the smartest human beings understand the issues, and needs of the people in every little town. Socialist governments impose well-intended laws, supposed to fix issues in people’s lives. But in reality, those laws will impact communities very differently.

Under socialism, government passes many laws, and regulations, while taxes are raised to afford social programs. Regulations and taxes make business so cumbersome, that many poor people never dare start businesses, to create services that would solve issues in their communities.

Personally, I pay 2000€ yearly into a mandatory pension fund, and other taxes. I can’t opt out of taxes, or I am fined, and my property is taken with violence. My business loses thousands of dollars every year to government theft, which is money away from hiring more staff.

socialism makes everybody poor

Taxation and regulations are two invisible hands that choke the economy. You just never see new companies spring up. You’re always shopping your food at big supermarket chains, never a small, local retailer. You buy Coca-Cola, instead of cola of a local soft drink company. Large companies can lobby the government, to impose regulations that hurt them, but hurt their competitors more. Few normal voters understand the laws being passed in the halls of government – corporations can thus employ sleight of hand tactics, even bribing government officials to slip in harmless-looking jargon into laws, with enormous impact to an industry. Over the course of decades, an industry is made into a maze of regulations, and only a few companies can avoid its pitfalls. They monopolize the industry, and raise the prices of services, because they can.

If you’ve never run a business, you haven’t experienced how complicated taxation, laws, and bureaucrasy can be. All that socialist crap makes business so annoying, that very few people will bother. The more complicated the tax code, the harsher the penalties, the more scared normal people are to start businesses. And so, fewer companies are born, less competition occurs in the market, fewer jobs are created into communities, and poor people sit on welfare benefits.

Socialist politics cause the social issues they promise to fix. Blacks are discriminated against by companies? Let’s force companies to hire blacks under massive legal penalties! Is the population hating a certain race? Let’s open our borders for more migrants that everyone hates! Too much poverty? Let’s create more public jobs, take on more debt! Give the migrants welfare, give them free housing, give them free healthcare, give pensioners more money, give families free daycare, forget that your children will be paying the debts!

Your taxes are high, because you are paying the interest on the debts taken by the politicians voted in by your grandmothers.

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The devastation wrought by socialism, is not only economic. It is also a system of social control.

The portions of society that live in poor conditions, are traumatized by the rife crime in their neighborhoods. Due to their mental issues, they have a harder time competing in the job market. To level the playing field for traumatized poor people, a socialist government makes it a moral prerogative to force everybody to treat them nicely. Safe spaces, triggers warnings, hate speech laws, etc. are attempted solutions to these problems. Under socialism, offending people of a “vulnerable minority”, is a crime.

The idea that poor people possess equal potential to be productive members of society, is the moral justification of political correctness: Don’t say nigger. Don’t say whore. Don’t say wetbag. Don’t hurt their feelings, don’t hurt their performance in the economy – shut the fuck up, racist white supremacist!!

Political correctness is like child porn laws: they exhaust society’s resources, making the moral guardians of our societies spend more time cracking down on lolicon onahole buyers, than the elite child abusers in the government. You have social justice warriors march against “white supremacy”, instead of organizing their attacks against the criminal cabal of elite bankers.

Socialism is only possible because of our current monetary system, that allows governments to loan infinite money from banks. Socialist politicians are never giving you “free stuff”, they’re stealing the money from future generations.

This post is not digging into the central banking system. I am only mentioning it, because it’s the central piece of the socialist ruse. Simply put, banks create your money from nothing, and loan it to governments on interest. New money is created by issuing debt. The money we use is not backed by anything real (the gold standard is dead), that’s why it can be printed without limit. The entire global economy is based on fraud.

Oh, you didn’t know our economy is a fraud? Nobody told you at your government school, that your income tax is illegal, and exists only to pay your nation’s debt? Socialism is a “divide and conquer” strategy, that keeps a tiny incestous elite in power.

In a socialist nation, we’re always fighting each other over the social standard. We fight about appropriate language, culturally appropriable dress-code, acceptable social behavior. We fight over what’s offensive, what can, and cannot be said. This bickering distracts social discourse from real structural issues. Additionally, the social pressure to not offend people via gestures and words, expends mental resources, it causes physical headaches, and mental health issues. Political correctness makes socializing very scary, as the slightest misstep is treated as a crime. Divide and conquer.

In a socialist nation, lives can be ruined over the pettiest transgressions, like racist social media posting. Offensive people are witch hunted. This choking social atmosphere is a ripe environment for depression, anxiety disorders, suicide, and more. It’s hard to develop your own strong personality, when there’s always somebody that opposes your values, and by taking offense, can destroy you – unless you hate white people.

Socialist state systems always need a scapegoat to blame. White males are the new jews.

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