Why the western civilization is dying


Liberals are anti-racism. Racism is a form of bias. This article explains what bias is, how it actually works, and how the same mechanism for confirmation bias is behind racism, and the politics that are collapsing the western world.

Biased thought is why the west is a complete mess. Why bias exists, and people are incapable of looking at the world outside of their biased perspective, this article will explain in detail. My merits to write with a voice of expertise on this subject comes from two years of experience as an online salesman. I have freelanced, and negotiated deals with multiple companies in the western hentai industry since 2015. I have written the article in such a way, that the logic of my argumentation alone will persuade the rational minds that read it.

People are emotional. What is unemotional, is reality.

We perceive reality through our emotions, omitting information that doesn’t fit our mindscape. Cynics pay less attention to positive facts, while optimists pay less attention to the negative. Some information is emphasized, and some is forgotten, in order to fit reality into simplified narratives. This cerebral editorial process is overtly based on one’s own life experience. It narrows your perspective into something that is consistent. Consistency is the falsehood.

Most perceived truths are flipped upside down in another time, and context. What is wisdom in one culture, is stupidity in another. Consistency in a world view is possible only by selective perception.


We live on this planet in the barrel of a gun. Death is at our door, every moment of our days. We make decisions, to avoid death. We are always judging risks to our well-being in our environment. We make these risk assessments with incomplete information: this is the core of the problem.

Your life on this planet could be ended by any number of random factors, most of which you are unaware of. There are even rare genetic diseases, that some in the population have, that can cause instant death without warning. You could have a lethally powerful allergy to a compound you haven’t yet come in contact with.

Many threats are as likely as winning the lottery. But lacking complete information, we are not good at thinking what dangers to avoid, hence we take mental shortcuts. We are not built to judge probabilities. Lacking complete knowledge, and the time to fully judge probable outcomes of a decision, our every decision comes down to intuition – feelings.

trust traffic light meme

Human beings are survival machines equipped with a biological super computer, the brain, that helps us make snap decisions in absence of information, based on paranoia, fear, and prejudice. Sentiments such as “racism”, which in practice means predicting the behavior of identifiable types of people, are part of the human survival toolkit. Any notable differences in behavior, looks, smell, speech, to our perceived “trusted” standard, we treat with hostile prejudice. What we do not understand, poses difficult-to-assess risks. Those risks could be real.

With our intuition, we judge whether to trust, or distrust. If the person, object, or phenomenon, does something unexpected, or damaging, then every future action of a person, or group, is then judged by this diagnosis; untrustworthy.

Most people are not self-aware of how this process in their brain works. They trust their instinct to accurately reflect reality without chance of a flaw, making them unable to distance themselves from their feelings. A person who learns to trust their instinct, while lacking practice in self-reflection, will then act like human beings have always functioned; irrationally. Even the smartest of us will act irrationally when confronted with ideas, people, and things, that defy our established beliefs. Humans are genetically predisposed to reject things that make them “feel uncomfortable”.

The feeling of discomfort is a mechanism of the brain, the function of which is to help identify sources of risk. The more betrayals, violence, and trauma a person has in their past, the more violent their reaction will be against new things that trigger the feeling of discomfort. The emotional response will be so powerful, so revolting, that the person cannot even control themselves in the face of it. The animal body takes the steering wheel, and picks the direction. This state is what’s popularly called “being triggered”.

If we distrust, we attack, or run. If we trust, we interact, or ignore.

In more dangerous, stressful environments, we learn quickly to be on alert to judge aspects in new things, as indicative of potential threats. The more chaotic, and traumatic a person’s past, the more their perspective is narrowed down, to pick up and emphasize the negative feedback from the environment. These people are more likely to act towards new things with apprehension, and hostility. Conversely, the more stable an environment a person yields from, the more willing they are to ignore feedback that is indicative of risks. They are more curious, and more interactive.

Neurotic people are special, as their ability to judge probabilities is even more whacked than normal people’s. A neurotic person can fear almost anything.

In a perfectly stable environment, with non-existent crime, a trustworthy government, law-abiding companies, a truthful media, etc. people are lulled into a mindset of overt optimism. No threats exist, all people are perceived as peaceful regardless of their race, religion, or circumstances. There are no tribes, no group looking to lie and cheat, to steal what is yours. There is no corruption, no factions lusting for power. The system can be trusted. Everything can be trusted. This is what the developed western world has been for decades: a utopia of ultimate trust. We have grown completely unequipped to judge risks, to question authority, to judge groups of people despite observable differences in values, we have not questioned what the media has been telling us. We have not asked questions, when we should have. We have not assumed betrayal, even when obvious lies were told in our faces. The west is dying, because we forgot the dark side of humanity.

The European Union is stepping outside the democratic process, exceeding its mandate as a trade union, seeking to mandate member states to comply with its policies. No EU citizens voted for immigration quotas. No EU citizens voted to bailout German banks via Greece bailouts. When Britain hosted a referendum to exit the EU, threats and attempts at extortion were verbalized by prominent European leaders Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron. The leftwing bias that permeates western societes, is being abused by our political elites, as it lends them a cloak of protection, to play games of power without recourse. None of this seems to ring the alarm bells on the political left. Could it be because schools have become leftwing indoctrination centers? The media is already radically leftist, as every Islamic terrorist attack is excused as “not real Islam”. Every concession to our values, is “equality”. Every mind that dissents, is labelled by debate-ending brands of demonization: “Racist”, “sexist”, “misogynist”, “ableist”, “nazi”, “fascist”, “homophobe”, “transphobe”, “white supremacist”, “islamophobe”.

In a multicultural society, subjective value systems are validated without criticism in the name of postmodern relativism. There are no objective values, no standards, no culture is superior. That is absolute bullshit.

The issue of cultural relativism is the hypocrisy: criticism of non-Christian cultures is increasingly outlawed. In public discourse, favoritism is given to political groups that have formed a uniformal coalition that seeks the expansion of government power. Advocates of smaller government, the nationalist, rightwing, conservative voices are actively equated with national socialists. The media ratchets constant propaganda against critics of leftist politics, they are dividing people into factions that are good, or evil. The relativism of multiculturalism is selectively applied; voices that oppose relativism, are deemed evil. The demonization is rampant, unethical, it creates polarization in society.

I am not arguing that left-leaning people are evil. You are biased, unaware of your bias, and too arrogant to engage a discussion.

The groups that receive blatant favoritism from mainstream media outlets are the feminists, marxists, moderate leftwing groups, anti-fascists, liberals, Islamists, environmentalists, LGBT rights groups, minority groups, human rights groups, etc. Many of these groups receive funding from oligarchs. These people are radical, corrupt, their agendas anti-western.

How did we get here? Because most news organizations absolutely suck at branding and marketing, they are getting bought off by corporations and governments. In United States, six large corporations own 90% of television, radio, news paper media. When our schools, news, entertainment, and politics are subscribing to leftist bias, our collective reality is actively manipulated to be monochrone. The propaganda is not discreet, it simply panders to the bias of a vast group of people.

The liberal progressive “reality” is a fabricated lie that defies logic, it emphasizes feelings, and gives the finger to common sense. Any attempt at criticism is met with hostility. When people of the opposing political spectrum are so actively demonized and denied representation, you cannot even know how controlled you are.

They want you to think of white males as the devil. This blatantly racist demonization is an attack on the middle-class of developed western societies. It is class warfare. The political left hates the middle-class, because whites have money and opportunities that they don’t. Some criticisms are valid: the public schools in America receive 45% of their budget from property tax, making the schools of poorer areas, shittier. These are the issues social justice people should be focusing on, not wasting their energies on policing speech.

leftwing logic

Many of the political goals of the leftwing coalition align with power hungry elites. For example, the coalition seeks reductions to the freedom of speech, by vigilantly protecting social taboos. Academic safe spaces have been a huge victory for the coalition, whose views crumble under honest criticism.

The coalition seeks increase of taxation to pay for socialist government programs, which encourages taking on more debt. Taking on debt benefits the Rothschild banking cartel, in ownership of almost every central bank. The elites benefit from leftwing politics, because the banks collect interest on money loaned at governments. The banks are the institutions that help corporations dodge taxes, they profit from every modern war. They seek population reduction, and escalation of economically counter-productive energy policy – you do not reduce poverty with more expensive energy. They want more government education, which produces more institutions of state indoctrination. Taking on more sovereign debt to give money away as foreign aid, is utter lunacy. Taking on third world African immigrants, who were supposed to be Syrian refugees, are not finding jobs: in Sweden, only 500 of the 16300 asylum seekers are working. They will go on welfare, paid for with taxes. These immigrants, if granted full citizenship, will soon bolster the voting block for leftist parties that serve their self-interest. That’s how democracy works: people vote selfishly.

Immigration is a ruse. It’s the self-interest of the political left, to expand the voting base dependent on the systems their politics produce. Immigrants consume more welfare than white populations, while white households have more income, from which they pay their portion in taxes to keep the welfare system alive.

Facts are not racist. Third world immigrants come for welfare.

As the corrupt immigration business flourishes, portions of western domestic populations are beginning to oppose it. As a counter, the political elites of the west are passing censorship laws that penalize “hate speech”. Hate speech is clever double-speak, that rebrands archaic blasphemy laws as something intellectually palatable.

Academia is becoming infested with traitorous ideologes that spread this disease, of socialism, communism, multiculturalism, and social justice. Leftwingers are becoming so hateful, that news businesses, pandering to this customer segment, are now openly racist against white people. One of the arguments for immigration used to be that, since western countries suffer declining birth rates, we need new labor – then what is this?

Screenshot (6390)

Not to sound like a white supremacist, but I am offended by this.

The vile ideas propagated by mostly self-hating white liberals inspire nothing but hatred; hatred of yourself, hatred for your race, hatred of your country. These ideas are conveyed with the most manipulative, deceitful rhetoric, that open minds to radical political views.

Leftwing ideologies have destructive aspects to them. They lean towards socialism, which the world got ample taste of when Adolf Hitler’s national socialists divided the map of Europe with Stalin’s communist Russia. Both were socialists, both were psychopathic mass murders. Leftwing bias makes normal citizens easy to pervert into tools for power-hungry monsters.

When the state system begins to fail, the more irrational, emotionally evocative ideologies gain momentum. The masses get emotional when frustrated, and will support ideas that are tools for aspiring despots to seize power.

The political left is not wrong in many of their arguments, but in the context of the policies they advocate.

Every western country that has bought into the liberal progressive nonsense, is devolving into a third world shit hole. Rapes by migrants are on the rise, violence is consistent, they are pissing on our values, shitting in the streets. We are throwing our money away, drowning in debt, losing the ability to influence our own politics. The left keeps demanding more concessions on every aspect of our lives, while bolstering their voting base.

The globalism scam is over. Close the borders.

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