Witch Trainer – Let’s Rape Hermione Granger!

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Hey, Milkmaster here with another western porn game! This time it’s Witch Trainer, by Akabur.

Witch Trainer is the sequel to Princess Trainer, taking place this time in the Harry Potter universe. A genie finds himself magically transported to Hogwarts, taking over Albus Dumbledore’s place. Fortunately for him, he also takes the appearance of Dumbledore in others’ eyes, and successfully fools Severus Snape and Hermione Granger into thinking he is the real Albus. The charade doesn’t last long, though, and Snape soon sees through the ruse. After realizing the genie isn’t a threat, they become drinking buddies. Together, they do standard friend activities like chugging ale, talking smack, and conspiring to ruin Hermione’s academic career.

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It turns out that Hermione is making Snape’s life a living hell, and he wants to take the opportunity of having the Hogwarts headmaster to plot against her. This proves extremely easy; Slytherin is winning the house cup because the house girls are selling their bodies for house points. Hermione cannot stand for this, and demands she also do favours for Albus in exchange for points. These favours start off relatively harmless: things like talking about her day and showing her panties, but the perverted Genie gets increasingly lewder as he tries to break the poor girl’s mind.


Of course, on Snape’s request, you need to stay in your room and avoid human contact, lest someone finds out you aren’t the real Dumbledore. This may sound boring, but there’s surprising amounts to do in your quarters. In addition to summoning Hermione to your chambers to molest and abuse, you can invite Snape to hang out, buy things via owl order, read a variety of books.


For example, Hermione won’t sell favours if Gryffindor’s house points are higher than Slytherin’s. Because of this, you’ll need to drink with Snape to up Slytherin’s daily quota of points. In addition, you’ll need to buy and read through books to unlock the various Hermione sex scenes. To make the money to buy the books, you need to do paperwork. If you try and jump right in to an advanced sex scene without getting Hermione used to it, she’ll get mad at you, and you’ll have to spend that money soothing her with gifts. Because every day is divided into morning and night, and most activities will take up one of these halves to complete, you’ll need to put some thought into what you want to do. Make sure the slave stays happy!


This may sound over-complicated for a porn game, but really, it’s simple to get a hold on when you actually play. Everything is introduced gradually. And if you don’t want to deal with all this, there’s a handy cheat function in-game, allowing you to give yourself money, books, points for Slytherin, or calm Hermione down. The cheats still don’t make the game easy, though, and even while taking full advantage of them, the game took me close to 15 hours of straight gameplay and a dozen spank sessions to finish. When you reach the part about fondling her ass and tits, it’s portrayed not by CGs but small animations done by the cartoony sprites. Eventually you get to see her full-sized sprite topless, but that’s the best you’ll get outside of text and those tiny animations…


…That is, until you reach the end. After 15+ hours and 101 in-game days of training Hermione into a whore, I was treated with CG after CG, depicting my favourite schoolgirl in a variety of sex acts and positions, all decided by my previous decisions. Was it worth the wait? YOU BET YOUR ASS IT WAS! The sprites and animations were already a treat to look at, but to have several CGs done in that style was just a fantastic sight to behold. In my ending, Hermione ended up publicly gangbanged at a school dance by me and a group of Slytherin boys, and it was just so damn satisfying.


To be honest though, I didn’t at all mind going about the everyday routine of our Genie protagonist, and once I got to them, even the cartoon animation and Hermione’s sprite could get me off more than once, in conjunction with the writing. Being a porn game reviewer, I waste a lot of days away playing eroge, but this was definitely one of the more enjoyable days wasted in a long while.

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Akabur was the force behind this game, and he wore almost all the hats. With the exception of a small amount of art done by DAHR, he did the art, animation, coding, and the script. The main story is fun to play through, and even the books you read can keep your interest, though there were a number of spelling and grammatical errors. I’m in love with the art and animations, and the coding was spectacular, especially considering it’s a western-made Ren’Py game, usually a recipe for garbage. I never would have expected this kind of quality from one man.

If you’re a fan of simulation games or training good girls into slutty whores, check out Witch Trainer, and consider supporting Akabur on Patreon.


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