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The death of freedom is here. Videos are being reported, demonetized, banned, by the millions. Youtube hired ADL (Anti-Defamation League), a group with a leftist bias, to remove “hateful extremist” content. What are they doing? Attacking every Youtuber with rightwing views, anyone that supports Trump, anyone who makes Hitler jokes. The war on freedom has kicked into high-gear. It’s a battle to the death.

In a free world, there is inequality, because of competition. Not every sucker wins a medal. “Freedom” and “free stuff”, are incompatible concepts.

Here’s ADL’s Youtube channel. Watching some of the videos, their side is clear: Freedom of speech, the freedom to voice opinions that offend, are not what they exist to defend. These people subscribe to the notion that the world should be “nicer”, instead of more open for debate. These are the people who are going to be censoring Youtube, until only leftwing opinions are left. This slippery slope is beyond dangerous. When people are kept away from learning what, and why, the opposite side thinks, biases will persist without criticism. The conformist public will become more and more conditioned to see only one point of view.

There’s soon going to be no more room for public debate. Anyone that holds opinions that bring to question existing biases, gets financially extorted into quitting. What is more alarming than anything, is that Youtube’s owner, Google, the globally operating corporation with a monopoly on information flow on the internet, has recently been confirmed to be a leftwing organization that hates diversity of opinion. Google is manipulating their search results, to bury information. Any businesses that want to enter the online market, have to abide by the rules of the social medias they occupy, and Google, or they will see lagging traffic, and weak revenues. When information is biased, people learn to think with bias. Where this will ultimately lead to, is politicians running for office, promising that laws will be changed to accomodate for more, and more moralist authoritarianism. People support dictators, when the world they promise to bring about, fits to their bias. When they get in power, they will legislate increases to their power. We will have murderous communist governments again in the west within the coming decades.

Below is a video from Prager University that explains why Nazism is less hated than Communism. The video also compares the death counts.

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