Yurigamejam: Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet!


With Yuri Game Jam concluded, we got 40 new free yuri games!

We had boats having sex, high school romance, cobras, and even a love story set in ancient Greece. The rules of Yuri Game Jam were simple: in two months, make a game that focuses on relationships between women, romantic or not.

The competition spawned many, many great games, and today I’m going to review Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet by Nami!

You play as Syrup, a magic-hating candy alchemist living in a town filled with witches. Syrup runs a big candy shop. One day a sickeningly sweet candy golem appears in Syrup’s store wanting to be her friend. She says she can’t tell where she came from, but your helpful assistant Pastille encourages you to get along with her. So you make friends with the candy golem.


Syrup isn’t very interested in friendship with the golem, and just wants to be rid of her. Syrup also suspects the golem was created by her rival to steal her candy recipes. The choices you make determine if Syrup becomes friends with the golem, or if she goes down a not so friendly path.

I was already interested in the game as soon as I saw it, which I blame mostly on my affection for witches and magical girls, so when I was asked by Otaku Apologist if I wanted to review it, I didn’t waste any time downloading it.

The first thing I noticed was the icon being the default Ren’Py icon, a smiling picture of the Ren’Py mascot, Eileen. Another small gripe was the game´s name displaying as “Candy VN”, the obvious working title for the game. It´s nitpicky, but these things irked me.


Any suspicions it wouldn’t be all I had hoped for vanished when I started playing. The art is smooth and colorful, and the character designs are adorable. The GUI is equally nice, and everything flows together. The art fits extremely well, accompanying the magical candy theme perfectly.

The story is a nice change of pace from what the Apologist has made me play lately. This has a kind of lazy, relaxed mood to it and the entire plot is very non-threatening. It focuses on growing the relationships between the characters in small ways throughout the story.

It’s a good game to play when you don´t want to indulge in any drama, or when you wanna avoid thoughts about serious romantic relationships and the emotional pitfalls that come with them. Still, it gets a little dark in spots.


I’m always impressed when a game has a plot that isn’t built to excite, but still makes you want to keep playing because you’re having a good time connecting with the characters. It keeps you entertained with surprisingly likable characters and a plethora of cat puns!

The music is a little odd. When I first heard it, I didn’t really know what to think. It grew on me the more I played, and while I didn’t think the songs had a defined mood at the beginning, they fitted the scenes they played on well. The soundtrack is also downloadable at the itch.io page!

This is a really good game. It was made in just two months – astounding! I’m used to terrible visual novels made with Ren’Py, but I was blown away with how professional everything about this game was. There is an option to pay for it to support the developers, which I highly recommend you do!


Do you like visual novels? Cute art? Stories that let you relax and enjoy? Then I really think you should check out Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet.


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